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Living with CoVID-19 July 25, 2020

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Corona Virus was first detected in Bangladesh in 8 March 2020 . After 4 months it is still prevailing. Though it was initially thought that the virus will not prevail long- may survive for one or two months. A study from Singapore forecast that the corona virus would subside in Bangladesh by May 2020. May was passed. Now on 23/7/2020 , the no of the infected person is 216110 and no of deaths 2i801 in Bangladesh. It is raging throughout Bangladesh and there is no sign of relief from corona.

Bangladesh was in virtual lockdown for about 2 months from March 25 , 2020, It was difficult for the country to continue the lockdown beyond the period. It was becoming almost impossible to feed the poor because of the scarcity of funds as well as pilferage in distribution. There were suggestions to tighten the grip, to halt the transport, and to keep the markets closed. But the government preferred to decide to the contrary. Only educational institutions are kept closed.

The Government allowed Eid Fitr jammat to be held in the mosques, not at the outdoor, maintaining social distances and wearing masks. People attended the congregation not strictly following the directives and continue to attend the mosque in the same manner.
Markets opened before Eid. People started to gather in the market partly maintaining the restrictions only. Vehicles started to ply over the roads but not following the restrictions seriously.
Offices are also in the same mood.
There is no sign of decline in corona cases in Bangladesh and deaths from corona remains steady.
There is virtually no other way for the government but to allow the people to pursue their livelihood and sustain the economy of the country.
We are living with CoVID-19.

No Escape from CoVID-19 June 27, 2020

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By 26/6/2020, 9,811,304 cases have been affected and 494,066 died in the whole world. More than 200 countries have been affected. There is no sign of regression of the affection even after 6 months of its beginning. The infection is on the rise is many countries of South America, Africa, and South Asia. Resurgence is taking place in previously affected countries such the USA, parts of Europe, and South Korea.

Corona is a tiny organism, only a few microns in diameter. So it can escape the human ability to detect it by normal sight, even a normal microscope cannot detect it, only an electron microscope can detect it in a special lab.

Then how a human being will able to protect himself when actually he can not see it? So far hand washing, social distancing ad face mask are the only preventive measures. Then each of the measures has its own limitation. You can not be on continuous handwashing, in between one hands will be contaminated; social distancing is not always possible and there is no 100% effective face mask. N95 is 95% effective and not everyone is using it and very few are using it perfectly.

Corona spread in droplets by coughing ,sneezing and talking. Experiment showed that the particles may spread beyond 6 ft, even beyond 12 ft. Then what is the utility of maintaining a 6-meter distance? The virus can survive on surfaces from 3 hours to few days depending on the nature of surfaces. It can adhere to knobs and hooks, handles, and switches. How can you resist yourself from touching the surfaces and avoid not to be infected by corona?

When it enters into the body Corona initially strongly adheres to the epithelium of the upper respiratory tract by its spikes: Who does try to dislodge it by frequently drinking water ? It can survive temp upto 57 degree centigrade. Who does try to kill it by drinking warm water which hardly cross 40 degree ? Who try to shift it from throat to intestine by drinking liquids when diarrhea is a symptom of corona itself?

Corona spreads to lungs causing pneumonia to ARDS, developing thromboembolism affecting lungs, kidney, brain, cause shock, and multi-organ failures leading to deaths.

The only good thing that I am seeing is that CoVID cause no to mild symptoms in 80 %, moderate symptoms in 15%, severe in 5%, who may need high flow oxygen and among this severe 1-2 % is critical, who may need ventilation.

Whatever precaution one may take, it nearly impossible to be 100% protective. So one will encounter the corora whether he is at home or in the hospital and in offices or in the streets.

The main determinant against the CoVID-19 is the immunity one has. But the immunity is only be tested once corona is entered into one’s body.
Let us wait for the day. But nobody would escape from Corona. One will have to survive only by fighting it over.

Corona in Bangladesh : An Odd Calculation April 29, 2020

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Corona starts spreading in Bangladesh. Todays stat shows – total infected -7103, death -163 .

Bangladesh is in virtual lockdown from 26th March 2020. It is just over 1 month. But by this time, the poor Bangladeshis lost their patience -both at the policy level and at the grassroots level. The garments factories are declared open, supposedly in phases, but the workers probably not following any restrictions. they all eager to join their works.
It looks like a policy failure and also a management failure. But the inevitable is that lockdown is not working in Bangladesh.
But what will be the consequences?

let us make a reverse calculation. What percentage of the population is affected in a country?  If we take the USA as a reference, so far by today (29.4.2020 8-10 PM BDT) 1036417  cases, 59284 deaths, 3131 cases per 1 million, 176 deaths per 1 million.  In that ratio – Bangladesh would have  3131×170 = 532270 cases and 29.920 deaths. In cases infected by the virus, 80 % will have no to mild symptoms, 15 % will have severe symptoms such as respiratory distress, 5 % will be critical . 2 % may die. In that calculation, in the worst scenario, if all the population of Bangladesh is infected, 3,400.000 people may die at best.

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Corona Pandemic : Natural Selection April 1, 2020

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Corona deaths is rising. At this moment , according to Wordometer the corona cases in the world is 860,095 and  death is

42,344.  In Bangladesh the case no is 54 and death is 6. Bangladesh is the one of the lowest case reported and death recorded country.
On the contrary, USA is at the highest case reported 188,592 and death recorded 4055 , Italy case reported 105,792 and death recorded 12428 both the countries surpasses the case record of China of 81,554.
For Bangladesh bad days are coming ahead. Because of density of population, poor economic state, poor critical care service Bangladesh is at its wit’s end how to combat the storm. Different countries are observing lock down for 3 or more weeks., Bangladesh is also observing a sort of lock down for about 2 weeks. But Bangladesh will not be able to continue the lock down beyond 2 to 3 weeks. People will come out of their house because of daily bread earning. The chance of community transmission will be increased. Most of the people who came from abroad couldn’t be put into isolation or quarantine. That also compound the problem of community transmission. The Total ICU bed in Bangladesh may 500 to 600 only. Out of this 100 may be dedicated for corona care.

If  hundreds and thousands of people are affected by corona virus that Bangladesh has a possibility, what will happen to Bangladesh. The virus may be spread like wildfire. Limited hospital beds will be occupied and no ICU bed will be available for the critical patients. Natural Selection will take over the fate of Bangladesh people.  If 25% of the population may be affected- 4 crore of people. As the statistics go, 80% will be of mild form that is 3.2 crore . Out of remaining 20% , 15% will have moderate symptoms and 5 % will be severely affected. i,e  40 lacs. Out of this 5% , 2-3 % may require ventilator support – . So in total Bangladesh may require 25 lac ventilators, the no will never be possible to procure and will have to leave the patients to Natural Selection.

Natural Selection means the patients will have to overcome the onslaught of the disease by their immune system. Those patients who are  younger,  better immune status and have no co-morbidity  will survive.
Nature may even support Bangladesh in a different way-If high temperature and high humidity prevent the growth of the virus, the corona case may not that much increase in Bangladesh and we will be saved.
WHO says today that the pandemic is not yet over special for Asia.
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Corona Pandemic : Challenges for India March 31, 2020

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Corona pandemic also affects India. Lock down was imposed in the country when the no of corona cases only hit about 500. Many appreciated the boldness of PM Modi to declare the lock down over 1.3 billion people in such a straight way. The WHO also appreciated his effort saying India is the epicenter to fight against the Corona Pandemic.

But people started asking question whether the effort is timely and all comprehensive.
Detecting cases was initially slow. Only those coming from abroad and tracing contact of positive cases were only done. Detection labs were few than the need demands. By the more labs were permitted and equipped, many cases may be lost in the community.

Hundreds of thousands daily earners become jobless and fell in uncertainty,  started to leave the cities to reach their home defying the assurance of the chief ministers and breaking the basic principle of social distancing. The travel may cause transmission of the virus beyond the cities and into the rural areas.

Central and state governments are trying to stop the migrant workers at the borders by sealing the borders and pushing back the workers to the cities creating a humanitarian crisis at places.

Security forces went to the extent to pour water mixed with bleaching powder onto the escaping workers with their families including children. The measure was immediately condemned and authority explained that the instruction was to clean the transports only in which the migrants were carrying away.

By today, the total case in India is 1251 and death is 32.

Let us see whether India is at the end of its struggle or at the start of the long journey.


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Corona Pandemic : Vulnerability of Bangladesh March 30, 2020

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Corona is raging through the countries starting from Wuhan China in December 2019, then devastating initially China , then attacking other countries -Iran, Italy and other European countries,  USA and Canada, India  and  Bangladesh and by now 200 countries of the world are affected.

Though so far by this time Bangladesh only 49 cases infected and 5 deaths. But Bangladesh  is vulnerable to Corona attack as I see for many a reasons :

Bangladesh is  a poor country and not equipped to cope with the onslaught of the Corona.

Bangladesh health structure is poor and Intensive care is very limited .

Lock down is imposed . But support to the poor is limited .

Bailing out  of the economy is limited.

Detection of the cases is still limited and isolation and quarantine measures are inadequate.

The steps to contain the virus started late.

Political divisiveness is sharp. National consensus is poor.


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A Photographer Named Shahidul Alam August 21, 2018

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Shahidul Alam: A Singular Voice in Photography for Dignity and Human Rights
Why did Bangladesh arrest Shahidul Alam?
Who Is Afraid of Shahidul Alam?
National Geographic calls for Shahidul Alam’s immediate release

In Search for Safe Road August 5, 2018

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Reckless driving takes two young lives
Protests flare up
Dhaka shaken by youth spirit

Protesters resolute

Students chased, beaten up in Mirpur, Ctg
Road safety demo continues for sixth day
Bus ‘strike’ makes people suffer

4 Daily Star journalists assaulted
Total disorder
Protest spreads outside Dhaka

Students take to streets, control traffic for 7th day

Bangladesh students paralyze Dhaka with road safety protests

Minute by minute: Saturday’s protest ends with violence in Jigatola

BCL in its element
a song commemorating the protest

শক্তির উদ্বোধন

Snapshots of a violent afternoon
Pounced again
Shahidul Alam picked up by DB
Actress Nawshaba on 4-day remand
How dare you hit my child!
FB being used to spread false information
Bashundhara battlefield

Global rights group slams Bangladesh government for attacks

UN worried about safety of children

Quota Reform Movement -A Disturbing Development July 7, 2018

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Quota Reform Demand: Demos roll into day 4

Commentary: Why this merciless beating?

Girl shares horrors of assault, abuse by anti-quota reform men, cops

Just arrest!

Quota reform movement: Students seek teachers’ support

Quota Movement: BCL swoops on reformists

Quota reform movement a conspiracy against government, AL leaders claim

রাবিতে কোটা সংস্কার আন্দোলনকারীদের ওপর ছাত্রলীগের দফায় দফায় হামলা

কোটা সংস্কার আন্দোলন অযৌক্তিক : স্বরাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রী

Quota reform: ‘BCL activists’ beat CU Chhatra Front men

‘হাতুড়ির নিচে জীবন’

জঙ্গিদের মতো ভিডিও দেওয়া ও ছাত্রীদের ব্যবহার করা হচ্ছে: উপাচার্য

‘Quota-reform leader Suhel picked up’

Quota reform movement: Demonstrators call for nationwide boycott of classes, exams starting Thursday

PM warns against anarchy

Quota: Legal notices issued to DU, RU on inactions against BCL

Students demand DU proctor’s resignation

Analysis and Comments on Bangladesh Budget 2018-19 June 8, 2018

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Lofty Goal,Fragile Base

No Cheers Tax Measures 

Safety Net Widens

Bowing to Banks

Business as usual Budget

Interest Burden getting heavier

Digital Services : when popular, made pricier 

Health Care uncared for 

A little for stock investors

No prescription for slow virus 

Digital marketing comes under tax net           

Bangladesh Budget 2018-19 June 8, 2018

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Budget at a glance : https://mof.portal.gov.bd/sites/default/files/files/mof.portal.gov.bd/page/e9e8a8c8_8a8b_4536_a18b_fc5ca696650a/At_A_Galance_en.pdf

Budget Speech : https://mof.portal.gov.bd/sites/default/files/files/mof.portal.gov.bd/page/b29661b6_927f_4012_9f83_5ac47dbd6ebd/Speech_EN_18_19.pdf
Summary of Budgt estimates :

Click to access afs_st_00_e.pdf

Supplemenary Budget :https://mof.portal.gov.bd/site/page/4deed460-37ed-4cfa-bf7a-d46c1fbc5238

Bangladesh Budget 2017-18 June 2, 2017

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Finance Minister MA Muhith proposed national budget for FY 2017-18 in the parliament on 1st June 2017 . I personally feel that to understand the budget one should go through the full budget, try to understand it, then analyse and then give one’s comment.

Budget in English – Index

Budget speech

Budget in Brief

Budget in Bangla – Cover page


Full Budget

Budget in brief 

Amnesty International on Bangladesh 2017 May 4, 2017

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Islam Is Taking Over Europe – ‘Without Swords, Without Guns, Without Conquest’ January 26, 2017

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Muslim devotees pray during the Friday noon prayers during the World Muslim Congregation, also known as Biswa Ijtema, at Tongi, some 30 kms north of Dhaka on January 13, 2017.

Most & Least Corrupt Countries January 25, 2017

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Most corrupt & Least corrupt countries of the world. Bangladesh is at 15th.  

Courtesy of Transparency International

Murder of the wife of a police officer September 14, 2016

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This is something unusual in Bangladesh- to kill the wife to take revenge on a police officer. But this happened on morning June 5 2016  at Chittagong when the mother of 2 children was shot dead from close range when she was  walking towards the school bus to lift her elder son. The husband, promoted to SP few days  earlier, away to Dhaka to join his new assignment.


The event made Babu Akhter known to every citizen for the tragedy  and the pain deepens for the professional excellence and recognition that he had achieved by this time. People got the impression that his wife was murdered because of  his action against the militants and the terrorists over the last few years. Coming  back from Dhaka he himself lodged the case against the unknown killers and bowed to take the revenge. Police arrested few suspects,  2 of whom were also killed in the crossfire. sp-2

He returned back to Dhaka with his 2 children and started to stay in his father-in-laws house. Bereaved and shocked he didn’t join his office. A few days later he was taken to the Police Headquarter at midnight, he was quizzed for 15 hours his alleged involvement in the killing of his wife. He was released after the interrogation. Later we are informed from Police authority that he was given the option to resign from his job or to face jail. He preferred to resign. But he himself said nothing to the media. His father-in-law, who was also a police officer, denied any involvement of him in the murder. People raised question why on earth a man would kill his wife hiring miscreants and if he did the murder why it is not be proved by proper evidence and be punished by the judiciary. sp-3

Weeks later he went to the Police Office and put an application expressing his willingness to join his service withdrawing his earlier resignation. His application was forwarded to the higher authority. But before his joining was considered , his earlier letter of resignation was accepted by the President of the Republic and notified in the gazette. The whole process has made in a very short span of time  which is totally unprecedented in Bangladesh context. In the debate, Prime Minister has taken no side. But people had expected that his case would be considered fairly.

The termination was a double blow for the man.

And there is no progress in the murder case.


An ordinary citizen

Killings at Holey Artisan Bakery, Gulshan, Dhaka July 6, 2016

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On the night of 1st July  when I switched the knob to Somoy TV past 10 pm, I came across the live telecast of the seize of Holey Artisan Bakery at Gulshan by some gunmen. Breath-holding we were following the events. RAB, Police and people were gathered outside the area. Injured police and civil dressed person came out from dark to the scene and they were taken away for treatment. Then heard 2 officers have been killed by the miscreants and 30 police were admitted in United Hospital. Past 11 pm , Mr. Benajir Ahmed, Chief of RAB came to the spot and asked the reporters to stop their live telecast as it would benefit the miscreants and made the work difficult for law enforcers.

From then on, TV channels were only telecasting the update news on the event. I was listening to a lengthy analysis in 71 TV by a Top Security Analyst after 12 am. But he was fearing that the discussion might be heard by the miscreants also and might use it to set their strategy.Later we were informed that all the telephone and TV lines were cut off by the police by that time. The channel then telecast an interview with an Indian Citizen whose daughter was inside the cafe. He was asking why the law enforcers not then start negotiation with the hostage takers.

At 4 pm, there were no new updates. More people thronged the place, more law enforcers in the surrounding. People were pushed away beyond a barricade line.

Past 7-30 am, army made the raid and killed the miscreants-  6-7 in number (later the no is adjusted to 5). By this time, the miscreants have killed 20 hostages, 9 of them Italians, 7 from Japan and 3 from Bangladesh. Army rescued 11 hostages, 3 of whom are foreigners.

On my first thought , I was on the impression that the miscreants would be from Madrasha  (religious educational institutions) and astonished to find that most of them are from English Medium School/College or University and from well off families.

It is highly disturbing why these boys from affluent families took up this path of destruction for themselves and for others. Probably this conviction came out of psychological conflicts these children were suffering in their home and in society, more at home. In Bangladesh, affluence come more in illegal ways that may distort the psyche of these children and prompted them to take  up a short-cut way to correct the society and to pay off the debts of their parents.

An ordinary citizen

News Link : Dhaka cafe attack ends with 20 hostages among dead

Attack result of failed institution

Dhaka restaurant attack designed to reverberate globally

Sheikh Hasina must call Islamic Terrorism what it is 

Union Council Elections-killings and Clashes May 29, 2016

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Bangladesh is undergoing elections in phases at union council level – its grass-root. So far 92 people have been died in the election and many more injured.

Local elections was so far on non-party basis. This time the Government changed it to party-basis and total scenario has been changed. It is now turns into a festival of clashes, killings and vote rigging.

As predicted, pro-government  candidates won most of seats.

But democracy is decaying and people are loosing power.


An ordinary citizen


Judiciary vs Parliament on Removal of Judges May 7, 2016

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High Court in Bangladesh scrapped the 16th amendment that empowered the parliament to remove the judges from higher courts.[1] [2]
The members of Parliament in the running session hit out at Judiciary for making the amendment.[1][2] Attorney General indicates that Government will appeal against the amendment in the next working day.


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Bangladesh Bank, Governor, Selection Policy April 14, 2016

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There is no selection policy for Governor of Bangladesh Bank.