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e-governance May 20, 2007

Posted by bdoza in GOVERNANCE, TECHNOLOGY.
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CG is working on introducing e-governance in Bangladesh. In this respect the Government has established a special committee in the Chief Adviser’s office to enhance the process. The idea is great but the CG will need to go long way to establish this. They will have to chalk out a plan, formulate rules, fix the budget, train up the manpower, procure the equipments etc.

They can start from a focal point-better, from the secretariat-the center of the ministries.

Bangladesh Govt has its web sites- the ministries have their own. What is needed- they should make the web sites more detail and more upto date. The important departments also under each ministry should have thier own web sites.

The other day I was searching through NBR website. It is good and comprehensive.

But what I didn’t find is an interactive forum with the public in the website so that the highest authority can be informed of the grievances and difficulties of the common citizens and authority can also inform the citizens about the steps they are thinking to take in future or steps taken already.

As an ordinary citizen , I think that every important department of the Govt should have thier own web site and should have interactive forum in the web to directly communicate with the people.



1. bdoza - May 31, 2007

Finance adviser declared yesterday that CG will publish the budget on the web and people can view it on the web or download and print it. Anyone interested to make comment or give suggession can give it on the web.
Probably this is the first time that a budget is going to be published in the web. We appreciate the idea and it is a step forward towards e-governace.

2. bdoza - June 9, 2007

The decision of the Election Comission to prepare digital voter list is also praiseworthy. It will help the Auhority to compile the data more scientifically, to update the list when necessary , to search easily for any duplication and to correct easily of any mistakes.


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