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Army, Gen Moeen & Bangladesh politics May 25, 2007

Posted by bdoza in POLITICS.

Army Chief General Moeen recently in a meeting with the editors of the Dailies told that neither he nor Bangladesh Army has any intention to take over the charge of the Government and to run it. They are playing a supporting role to this Civil Administration run by Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed. They want a free and fair election in a corruption free environment.

Army came to the scene on 11th January 2007 when Emergency rule was declared and people were relieved from the axphyxiated political environment and inevitable civil war after the declaration of  election of the 22nd January 2007. To me, it is the best job done by the Army in the history of Bangladesh after the participation and sacrifice of the Army in the Liberation war.  We laud the role of those who conceived the idea and implement it before the country fell into complete darkness.

But the ordinary citizen/s become a little confused when Gen Moeen started to express his ideas of ‘new democracy’ for Bangladesh in different gatherings. Speculations started to float then about the ‘army taking more political role’ or ‘Gen Moeen himself of launching a political party which will take over the charge from the present caretaker Government’.

Now, with this straight expressions of Gen Moeen, all confusions will be cleared and people will continue to see the army in its more traditional role with not much deviation.

People will remember for ever the role already played by the Army and Gen Moeen and his colleagues to save Bangladesh from an imminent catastrophe. 

We also apprecaite the expression of Gen Moeen to lead a life of ‘ an ordinary Bangladeshi citizen’ after his retirement and to involve himself in some sort of social activities.



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