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Family dynasty, ‘joke of the year’ & people May 27, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, POLITICS.

On the way back from meeting with outgoing  American Ambassador Ms Butenis, Khaleda Zia announced that there is no family dynasty in BNP. In response, Mr. Suranjit Sen Gutpa, member of the Presidium of AL termed it as the ‘joke of the year’. Difference was also expressed from the pro-reform group of BNP leaders. They cited many examples where the family members were given important party/Govt  port folios including Tareq Zia, Major Eskander, Ms Khurshid Jahan Hoque.

Finger is also raised to the AL where dozen of leaders  would be found to be close relatives of Hasina though AL leadership is trying to deny the fact. Some leaders are also advocating joint leadership of the party.

Family dynasty encouraged in the party due to lack of democray within the party itself.  

It is now realised that the time for family dynasty is over and   democracy should have to be practiced in the party 

New leadership is needed to be developed in the party to take over the challanges of the age and of the changing situation.

The ordinary citizens are waiting for the good days to  come.


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