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PSC, 27th BCS and politicisation of public exams May 31, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, GOVERNANCE.
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Advisory Committee of the CG has taken the decision to cancel the result of viva voce of the 27th BCS Exam amid allegations of corruptions and gross irregularities.

In 17th July,2005 applications were invited for 27th BCS. 1 lac 58 thousand aspirants applied for different cadres. 26 thousands were passed the preliminary tests. In written exam 16000 passed.The final result was declared on 21 st January and 596 in General Cadres and 2971 in Professional cadres were declared passed. Allegations of corruption and politicisation were raised many a times regarding selection examinations during the past regime. It includes the BCS Exam, different PSC Exams for promotions and recruitment exams for teachers in the public universities.

CG has adressed the issue  seriously and justifiably.  BCS exam issue was reviewed in the Administrative Developemnt Committee of the Secretariat,  Law Ministry and Advisory Committee.

PSC (Public Service Commission) is a very important constitutional body which is responsible for selection and promotion of the officers of the Bangladesh Government Services. Imagine what would happen if this body is corrupted and its selections are politicised. 

We hope that the decision taken by the CG will help regularise the process of selection in the Govt services  in future.

The ordinary citizen opined that mere cancellation of the result would not  be enough; the people who are responsible for this irregularities should be found out and be given exemplenary punishment.


Post script: 14th August 2007

The Chairman of PSC has been changed and Dr. Shahadat Hussain, ex cabinet secretary has given the responsibity to revitalise and to restore the integrity of the PSC.

 Some members of PSC are also replaced.

Viva Voce of the 27th BCS is recalled.

The Government is also taking action against the corrupted officials of PSC.

PSC chairman is also advocating for the change of some laws regarding PSC including the criteria for selection of the members and chairman of PSC.

We have to wait a little more before we feel full confidence on the changes and on PSC.

But the web site of PSC is so minimally informative! We hope that the site will be updated and all the information regarding PSC will be available there.


1. Think as you - June 4, 2007

Do not think only about ordinary citizen but think about the struggler of 2 years who have not got the job only for you.

Can you give us back these two years of our needless unnecessary life.

2. Sirajul Islam - June 5, 2007

Is it realy fair justice 4 the fairly selected candidates,If they were unable 2 select again?

3. 27thbcs - June 12, 2007

Thanks Mr.Sirajul Islam.
You are telling our frustration.

4. Syed Sams - June 25, 2007

I appreciate each decision against corruption but cancellation of full result is an injustice to the students fairly selected. Why will they sacrifice their life? For state! Could you please give me a written statement that nobody would be selected through any form of irrigularities in the country in the future? You provided them time to dream a good future to serve the country for about 4 months and again you snatch this sending them on the edge of dehumiliation mentally and socially. For them it is the greatest tragedy where edipus of sofoclis is nothing.

5. Shafiur Rahman - August 6, 2007

…….what will happen to you who believe that the viva was very fair?
My written exam was good and I was hoping for customs (I’m from BUET).
,but what I got …….

So you peoples who shouts just stop as the viva is retaken and people like me gets at least 60% in viva, then many of you will not be successful again.

4000 candidates with better marks were failed intentionally to get you people in.

6. Md. Aktaruzzaman, Lecturer, Dept. of CSE, IU, Kushtia, Bangladesh. - August 11, 2007

I can’t but appreciate the steps taken by the present interim Govt. against corruption. Canceling the result of 27th BCS Viva-Voce is one of the initiatives. I can surely say that every candidate was not selected unfairly. Most of them were selected fairly. But everybody has to face the Viva board again. From my 17 years of academic experience and about 2 years of professional experience as a teacher, I have realized that the performance of the same person in the same viva board at different times can vary. So, nobody can ensure that those who were selected fairly will be reselected by a fair board. Although, in general a better student will do better. What will be stored for those who were selected fairly in the first time but will be unsuccessful in the second time. Will he/she or the society take it easily? So, I have a question, who were actually guilty for this? I strongly appeal to the concerned authority that they should find out the the actual criminals and issue an exemplary punishment for those. In this way, those unlucky persons may dedicate their wins to the movement against corruption. I think if the board members were carefully verify the discrimination between the performance of written test and Viva-Voce obtained in the past examination then it would easy to guess the fake candidates.

7. BCS 27th - August 13, 2007

Authority should find out the real corrupted candidates.
It is the only solution.

8. BUET_EEE - August 13, 2007

PSC should carefully verify the discrimination between the performance of written test and Viva-Voce obtained in the past examination to find out the corrupted candidates.

Actually it is more important to find out the peoples involved with this.

9. MD.Anwowar Hossain - March 6, 2008

PSC should published the result of 27 th BCS early

10. Tanvir - May 11, 2008

Government should Deduct previuosly appointed 3 Members; Question is why they did not do this- till now.
why ACC did not took action against former PSC members?

11. Tanvir - May 21, 2008

Government should fill up all the vacancy in Civil service through 27th BCS.

12. Rajib Rana - June 19, 2008

I cant support such injustice decision against the students which were selected at 27 th bcs.

13. Raian - August 16, 2008

Why the then PSC members including Chairman will not be charged for corruption as 27th BCS result is cancelled for corruption?

14. anne - August 23, 2008

thanks to mr.raian.i was a selected candidate of 27th bcs nd i also given health exam,then it was cancelled.i dont know whether i wil get chance in reviva.why this government is punishing me for last 3yrs,frm 2005 to 2008.was it my sin to work hard for preliminary exam,written exam,viva nd was it my curse that i was a fair candidate.why members of psc nd chairman not punished,who gave chances to the candidates to be unfair?government should punish the big katla fishes like the members,but not us.we r in need of job.why should i be punished for some candidates taken unfair way.find out them,but dont kill all of us.

15. shohan - August 24, 2008

is it justice to punish the innocent people,when u were unable to search the guilty.may be 10 percent are guilty,then why rest 90 percent are punished.is there any law,where u can punish innocent in search of guilty.

16. samsu - August 25, 2008

Dear Shafiur Rahman ,

As you told, you are an engineer. What you want to do in Customs dept.? Is your intension, good? I’m quite doubtful.How are you so confident about your written exam and wanna to get job in customs’ to become millionaire??? I am sure is this regard. Why, you did your graduation fron BUET if you so interested in Custems’. Why you waste your time and peoples’ money to be an engineer?

17. Rubon - August 31, 2008

At the psc produced a big egg of horse. PSC is chairman is not aware about the carrier of the students. He is thinking his personal intersests. He is searching projects from WB and ADB. Why is delaying to publish the results. It is a conspiracy about the carrier of the thousands of students. He is not performing his job. He is just talking the other issues which are the responsibility of other government organisations. Basically he does not see any possibility of the students of the country. There is class based mentality in him. He is wishing to find more media coverage. He is giving false statements. He is thinking for his job security in the coming days. So he is using the 27 the BCS as an instrument. He may delay the result since the next government, then he will say please do what you wish and confirm my job. As far a know about this extra expert and extra honest man they do not think or decide any thing without personal interest. He is one of the beneficiary in the regime of all governments of Bangladesh. Good image is a business for such kinds of peoples. What types of reform he has done in psc, without destroying the carrier of thousands of students. If he is not willing to publish result he can clear this. But some days latter he shows a carrot to the students again he change his declaration. He is not thinking about the brilliant students, he is thinking about the quotas. However, he may be the first psc chairman who has given hundered time false statements. Now media is in support of him, becuse university based journalists favouring him. They thing he will give them extra facility. But if he publish the result the reality will be clear. He is not killig people by firing. But a killer of the carrier of thousand of students.

18. Obaid - September 1, 2008

Dear Mr. Chairman:

Please publish the result..plz..plz..plz..We can’t take it anymore..If you can’t do it by your existing manpower, we can do it free of cost within an hour…Please don’t punish us anymore..May Allah bless you..

19. Shafiur Rahman - September 3, 2008

Dear mr samsu do you know that all the engineers and doctors and agriculture engineers are allowed to choose for customs, foreign affairs etc. they can choose these posts as because they are allowed by the law of recruitment of PSC. If you don’t like than try to change the law otherwise grape is always ????? Also if there were as many posts available for engineers as many they pass each year then you can argue on these recruitment.
by the way do you know that the best students from all over the country becomes doctors, engineers not the eeree geerees ones and they can serve the country more than the others. Also your millionaire mentality is valid for people like you. you can’t think anything other than money.

PSC member mahfuzur rahman in 25th viva directly proposed me a post against bribe after viva alone in his room and the amount was 500000/- only but i refused as that wasn’t my intention and i hate to be like that.

So before accusing anyone get some ethics for yourself. And we are not wasting anybody’s money as we the BUET graduates consumes the least yearly amount per person than any other university students in bangladesh. Go to banbais or university grant commission and better check it out

20. opu - September 3, 2008

thanks,mr,rubon.i support u.at first he told,result of 27th is ready,nd it wil b given very soon,after the writ.when the writ is over,now he is telling about quota.why he is making fun e us.

21. kislu - September 20, 2008

Its really funny and ridiculous to punish the students indiscriminately without finding out the roots of corruption and keeping the people out of prosecution involved in irregularities while the real winner is getting punished.
I am really surprised by the stupid deceission of the deceission maker and their neglegency about the studentd took part in 27 th BCS.
Its again proved ;everyone is taking the benefits from their own position and in general people get suffered.
Its the same old pie in new wraping!
I hate the people who involved in corruption and who were failed to punish them.But I feel sorrow for the victim students who hve been suffering agony and still in uncertaity.

22. samsu - September 23, 2008

Dear Shafiur Rahman,

I don’t wanna make u more angry. After all, you are also from same univesity. It is clearly proved that custome’s is the best place to be millionaire. As an engineering graduate, when you choose Custom’s, 100 out of 100 will tell that your intension is bad. that’s the reality, you accept it or not. you don’t wanna agree. I know, very few people can accept when do something unethical or wrong. As you told, you appeared 25th BCS, you will be my senior. i don’t wanna dishonor u.

one thing, i was the one of victims of 27th BCS. i got chace in one of the enginnering dept. but, at last, it came as a worest news in my life.i don’t know, why i have lost 3 valuable years without any gain. i got at list 4-5 more govt, job. even i didn’t appear waterboard viva because of BCS result. Could you tell me, what was wrong with me? i was also doing a good govt. job. After BCS tragedy, i had a very bad time, i never forget it. i lost 3 years from life for these bullshit? if you wanna compare the corruption in BCS, you will agree that 27th BCS was far better than last3-4 BCS. But after all we are victim of nothing.

Now, i am trying to change my career path in differnt way.Doing my master’s in a developed country.i had a desire to persue higher study. BCS tragedy helped me to do it early. I believe, what is happening in this world is best for me and what will be happened aslo will be good for me. I was upset at the beginning, but now i am happy in some extent. May me, BCS will be be incomplete chapter of my life. But, i liked it somehow and i did lots hard work for that. that’s why, i am so angry about you.but, my intension was never as you told and i don’t wanna be like that.you know better, what do you want? GOOD or BAD. No problem, sorry if you got heart. Hope, i will reach the destination or little bit of it with the bless of allmighty GOD.

wishing all the best for you. As i am still try to get the news related to that, results will be delayed for another three months.

23. A.T.M. Alamgir Kabir - September 23, 2008

Really Bangaldshi peoples blood are corrupted. How ever I think Bangladeshi people can not think anything without corruption.

24. bdoza - September 23, 2008

Tue, Sep 23rd, 2008 9:44 pm BdST
Dhaka, Sept 23 (bdnews24.com) – The results of 27th Bangladesh Civil Service examinations have been published after long delays and legal wrangles.

Chairman of the Public Service Commission Dr Sa’adat Hussain told bdnews24.com Tuesday: “The results have been published after 16 months of tireless efforts.”

“I had said last month the results would be out within 35 working days. We have managed to publish them before that.”

Some 10,412 examinees have passed the 27th BCS exams, with the names of 3,239 being recommended for appointment. Of them, 822 women have been recommended under the 25 percent female quota.

The PSC said the results have been published in two categories—a merit quota and a priority quota.

Allegations of question leaks, politicisation, bribery and nepotism over past years have marred the transparency of the BCS exams.

The PSC posted an advertisement on June 28, 2005 for the 27th BCS exams, seeking applications for 1,776 vacant posts.

As many as 1,36,105 people applied and 1,18,339 took the exams. Of them, over 26,000 examinees passed written tests. The authorities recalled 16,418 for vivas.

The PSC declared 3,567 candidates successful after the oral tests, asking the authorities to appoint them.

However, the interim cabinet cancelled the viva results of the 27th BCS exams on May 30, 2007, to “restore trust of the people in the Public Service Commission” and establish transparency in the wake of several news reports over irregularities.


25. bdoza - September 24, 2008

Follow the result in the website of PSC –http://www.bpsc.gov.bd/index.php?pid=1025&sl_no=136&type=anc

26. shamsud douza - September 24, 2008

at last psc has published 27th bcs results. thanks. But when will happen the change of the quota system…

27. Shafiur Rahman - September 25, 2008

Dear shamsu i don’t know your email address. so writing in this blog hoping that you will answer if you come here again. I have got police this time. this was my last bcs and second attempt. Now my intention is to become an honest police officer as because i have the courage and monitory support source to live my life without becoming dishonest.
By the way i am also from civil


28. opu - October 15, 2008

mr shafiur rahman,congrats.but when will be the health and police varification.isnt it necessary to give joining of candidates very early.cause some people trying to make problem aagain with this new result complaining about corruption.so,its my request to join the candidates as soon as possible.

29. Shafiur Rahman - October 26, 2008

Dear Mr. Opu i hope you have got your answer of medical and police verification. we may hope to get the gadget publish soon after first week of November. By the way have you been selected this time?

30. humayun kabir - November 2, 2008


What date of 27th gedget publication ? Actually confusing publication of gadget bcoz a lot of problem arisen. I am qualified in both result publication but i am hopeless for that case. Allah may u help us.

Who will ensure about the problem or our joining immediately ?

Allah please mersy us and solve the problem

31. Masum - November 2, 2008

I want to join in 27th BCS by immediately .
Allah help us

32. Opu - November 4, 2008

To mr shafiur rahman.i got chance in both the result.health nd police varification also completed.bt what is hapening nw.i cant tolerate this agony.why dont they shot me e a gun,its better to die mentally nd slowly.psc is killing me psychologicaly.m totaly frustated abt this country.pls allah help me.i dnt knw,what is my fault,after geting chance in both the result,why i hav to be confused whether we wil get joining or not,or if joining,when is the time?i wl b mad very soon.

33. Opu - November 11, 2008

At last gov has published gadget.what a relief after 3years.

34. Tanveer - November 14, 2008

Honarable Chief Adviser,
Sir regarding 27th BCS who was able to win for the job 1st time but not able to reselected for the second phse result, they are realy in trouble,big trouble with the life.They are in movement now for get the recruitment in their job.
Sir just think one time, just one time see them from the context of huminity……………..

They have no other way without movement. Now you only one hope for them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,only you can give them relife from this pinacle lavel sorrow,,,,,,,,,,

JUST think how they lead their life,,,,they are ofcourse briliant,,,,,,,,,,,,,all odf them are university graduate,,,,,,,,

nobody can proof any aligation against them,,,,,,,,,,,thats why why they will have bear through whole life this type of missery………

Sir ofcourse, thay are the victime of injustice.

PSC chairman admit that ,in second phase result,there is 1% mistake………..it’s a shame,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shame for the nation…

Who give him that right to do such mistake.

so sir who are in movement now ,pls allow them to join in Civil service.
May Allah Bless you,,,

35. Enamul - December 6, 2008

Would someone compare the Chemistry-II questions of 27th BCS with the syllabus?

36. omit - February 1, 2009

Is this Justice?

37. bdoza - February 2, 2009

The Public Service Commission (PSC) yesterday published the preliminary test results of the 28th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examinations with a total of 11,785 candidates qualifying for the written test.

Around 98,000 students took the preliminary test held on November 28 last year at 103 examination centres in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal and Sylhet divisions.

The circular for the 28th BCS examinations sought applications for 1,720 posts in 14 general and 13 technical professional cadres.

PSC Member Ehsan Shamim said a total of 1,20,946 applicants applied for the exams but of them 1,15,163 could submit their applications correctly.

“I hope the written examination will begin in two months. A detailed schedule will be published in national dailies within a few days,” Ehsan Shamim told

The Daily star.[2/2/09]

38. bdoza - February 2, 2009
39. Md. Asifur Rahman - March 21, 2010

My 28th BCS exam’s viva was on 21st October, 2009 and now it is 22nd of March, 2010. Even more, the viva began one months before mine was taken. That means, 6 months have passed since the viva voce was held! Now, my question is…how long does it take to finalize the result of only 6,000 (approximately) candidates?? In the mean time, we went through another written exam (29th)! How will you explain it??

40. samiha - September 22, 2010

I am a CSE(Computer Science and Engineering) Student.
Can i give BCS examination?

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