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UGC, public universities and 1973 ordinance June 3, 2007

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UGC (University Grant Commission) chairman Professor Najrul Islam said in an interview that 1973 university ordinance may be amended to discipline the university teaching(bdnews24.com).



The ordinary citizen has little expertise on the 1973 ordinance.

But what he cannot overlook is the fact that these public universities which are run by the exchequer of the Government are not fulfilling the expectation of the people.

Both the teachers and students are  markedly politically divided.Both are engaged more in non-academic activities than academic exercise.

The courses are lagging behind their schedule. The curriculum is interrupted by many non-academic events.

The teachers are divided in colours. They are more  busy to establish their political doctrine than to give lessons to the students.

A leader of the teachers finds no fault  in doing politics himself and declaring it publicly but fell no shame in preventing a Nobel Laurette to come to the campus as the convocation speaker in a university where he himself was a student.

Teachers are more interested in taking classes in the private universities whereas classes are missed days together in his regular university. They also remain engaged in their private assignments during office hours.

A good amount of the energy of the teachers are also used to communicate with the student political wing.

Teachers are selected on the basis of political linkage rather than merit. Their promotions are also considered in the same way.

Many teachers are going abroad for higher studies and are not coming back in time though their service is remaining intact.

All these privileges they are enjoying in the name of autonomy and independence.

The ordinary citizen is not against the autonomy of these public universities but there must be a fine balance between responsibility, accountability and autonomy.





1. Mahmud Hasan - December 26, 2009

I need a copy of the 1973 university ordinance. Please someone help me to procure it.


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