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In search of political options June 4, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, POLITICS.

Bangladesh is passing through a critical phase in its history.

This phase is of the same magnitude in importance as that of  1971, 1975 and  1990.


The role of the people would be very important in this phase.

Externally an Army backed Civil Administration is in the lead role. But it is the people or the attitude of the people that form the environment of such a change and it is the same people who are supporting the continuation of the phase.

But equally important is the nature and name of the Government which is coming next for continuation of the changes that are taking place now.

The people, the parties and the Government all are in search of options which will fill up coming political vacuum.

The old parties AL and BNP were trying to keep their composure intact after the coming of new CG. Initially they accepted and appreciated the different measures of the Government. But in the face of ‘Campaign against Corruption’ with the arrest of top leaders , they are now in disarray. If the momentum continues, the ordinary citizen can’t imagine what would be the ultimate shape of the old figures.

Under the odour of this  decomposition,  LDP is hoping that some (in their language, many) leaders will come to their platform. But we are not yet sure about the number or the faces of these leaders.

When Dr. Yunus declared his intention about entering into politics and launched a political party by the name ‘Nagorik Shokti’, many people thought that he had the blessing of the CG. But after producing flicker of hopes it aborted so suddenly which by itself became a history.

A party is also forming under the leadership of Ferdous Ahmed Quoresi, a one time leader of Dhaka University.

It is also heard that politicians from different banner are gathering together to form a  new party with Dr. Kamal Hussain in the chair. With a short retreat, he comes back in the scene to form a new platform. People are closely observing his moves.

The People are in favour of a major political change and they are searching for an option. So far no party or platform could attain the confidence of the people. With the start of the political activities the attitude of people may be more evident.

CG is cleaning the wastes but the cleaning must be complete and perfect; then the natural forces will determine the shape of new democracy. The ordinary citizen feel that one of the natural forces is the urge for true democracy of our people.





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