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Sk. Hasina’s comment on Dr. Yunus & new leadership June 5, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, POLITICS.

Sk. Hasina, ex Prime minister made some comments on Dr. Yunus in an interview with CNN-IBN, an indian TV channel(3 Jun, 07).


 She said that Dr. Yunus can make huge money sucking the poor but politics is not his job; he may be a ‘good businessman’.

Dr. Yunus has got Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution in uplifting the fate of poor women in the rural Bangladesh by the support of Grameen Bank. It has approximately 70 lac clients most of whom are women. Grameen Bank has also activities across 100 countries over the world. He was lauded by many institutions/organisations/states for his contribution for the poor humanity. Ordinary citizens of Bangladesh and of the world as well are aware of his activities. In last Februay he launched a political party by the name ‘Nagorik Shokti. But though the response was positve from the people, the established political quarters behemently opposes the idea.’His comment ‘most of the politicains of Bangladesh are corrupt’ drew huge criticism from politicians though many of them now are under arrest on the charge of corruptions. In 3rd May,2007 he withdrew his party and appologes to the enthusiasists who lended support to him.

 The ordinary citizen recognises the role played by our top leaders including Sk. Hasina in critical phases of our country. She took up the charge of the party after the death of his father, reorganised it and gave momentum to the party activites. She played historic role in 90’s to oust Ershad regime and acted acceptebly as leader of the party and prime mnister of the country.

But what we need today is to change the level. In the whole world the trait of leadership changes-education, intellect, prudence,vision etc are getting more importance in judging the leaders. It is not only true for developed countries but also true for the developing countries who want to rise to their potential.

The ordinary citizen feel that Bangladesh also comes to that stage where the new leaders will be more educated and more intellect with a new vision for the country.



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