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Agony of a Tax-payer June 6, 2007

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He is a tax payer. He is a mid level professional

He is paying taxes for the last 15 years

Each year, when the time comes for paying taxes, he prepares the return and pay the taxes.

But even after paying taxes regularly, he does not feel comfort.

He always remains in worry that the tax office may not accept his return and may give objection.

He is not worried about the objection. His worries begin after the objection.

He does not know how to overcome this.

He has an Income Tax lawyer to support him. The lawyer prepares all the papers. He is a lawyer with good reputation in the city.

But he finds the lawyer also helpless to the system. He tells his client that ‘the inspector’s assessment is much higher than your assessment’. The client tries to defend himself. He is a responsible professional working with integrity and honesty throughout his life. The Lawyer tells him there is nothing to do. If you want to avoid trouble, you have to give some office expenses. So he gives official taxes and also some extra office expenses. He feels agony in his heart. He is told that there are multiple tables and he will have to pay the office expenses otherwise if the taxes once increased it will have ever increasing effect on the next returns. His honesty becomes disintegrated to the official/unofficial Tax System of his country. He calculates that approximately 50% of his money goes to office expenses.

He is told ‘you have to show 20% increase of your income every year’. He does not make 20% increase in income every year. There is ups and down of his professional income and now it is receding. There are so many causes for decrease of one’s income. But none of the office is going to convince.

He submits his work registers and book of accounts. He is told that figures are forfeited. There is no way to prove himself correct. Their verdict is final.

‘Self Assessment’ seems Greek to him. He finds himself a prey to the greed of the others. An Inspector or a surveyor is more important to the system than him. Probably the surveyor is earning more money than him but there is none to assess the wealth of him or his bosses.

NBR Chairman Mr. Badiur Rahman declared that CG is trying to simplify the system for giving taxes by the people (5 June 07). We appreciate the idea and hope that the Government will lessen the agony of the taxpayer and make the system more transparent and effective.

The ordinary citizen feels sympathy for the poor taxpayers of his country.




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