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EU/USA: Why they are for early polls? June 7, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, ELECTION.

 The visiting European Union (EU) Troika team said it wants general elections and withdrawal of the ban on indoor politics at the earliest.(Jun 6, 07)

EU team also opined that  governmnet ambitions for quality in electoral and political reforms should not slow down the process.At the same time they also said that there is a chance to improve the democratic reality of Bangladesh if the civil society and the Government play together to aim for the quality. 

Before this, fifteen U.S. senators including Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have urged Bangladesh’s interim government to end emergency rule and hold elections (May 15, 07).

The US senators also lauded the efforts of the Government to address the corruption.

The ordianry citizen feels that Bagladesh is in a different phase of its reality. Few countries of the world might have face this  kind of reality in their history.Very few experts  would even realize the emotions and thoughts of  the people whose leaders  almost all are seems to be corrupted beyond the limit of one’s imagination and the practice of so called elections has given them the opportunity to grasp the wealth of the people illegally. So early elections may be important to those who are following the printed books of democracy and  who will not the affected by the mere rituals of elections in a third world country.

 The People of Bangladesh are struggling for ‘true democracy’ and not for mere elections, a democracy where the rights of the people will be ensured and the leaders will not exploit them by mere elections.  

Bangladesh has never seen in his history such a symbiosis of intellectuals and army and people have every support for them. People are also a partner of this process and they are not mere bystander.  

They will wait till their confidence sustained and necessary reforms take place for an ensured future.



1. bjoernlasse - June 7, 2007

its a play with the fire – and this situation is not unique to Bangladesh. They were many countries with a similar situtation ending in somewhat of a fashist Dictatorship. Lets hope that the military really is this open minded and self sacrificing regime : for the people. It would really be great if your connotation is true.

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