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On budget 2007-08 June 8, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, Budget, ECONOMY.

We appreciate the idea of publication of the National Budget 2007-2008 in the website of Ministry of Finance immediately after the presentation of the budget in the TV and Radio by the Adviser for Finance and Planning Mr. ABM Azizul Islam. Option is also created for the public/experts to give suggestions/recommendations through the web site. It is a step forward towards e-governance.


We also appreciate the idea of the Finance Adviser of consulting with different sections of people including experts, conomists and businessmen of the country to discuss their opinion on the budget and is pleased to hear that many of the suggestions of the groups were incorporated in the budget.


The ordinary citizen is not an expert on the subject. But he has gone through the pages of the Budget displayed in the internet. To him it seems to be a comprehensive budget where the author has tried to accommodate different needs of the county.


He also follows the remarks and comments of different ‘experts’ in TV channels after the budget was placed. He found few objective analysis of the budget. To him, very few experts seem to be conversant with the details of the budget. Many of the comments were out of preconceived idea and more a political statement than a review.


Budget is not only a book of statistics, it is also a projection of philosophy, analysis of the situation and a plan of actions for the future.

Hope that the challenges declared in the preamble including macroeconomic stability and poverty reduction is achieved which will shape the future of Bangladesh..




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