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Chittagong tragedy, landslide & protection of environment June 16, 2007

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The no of death rises to 126 in landslide in Chittagong. It is a man-made tragedy. Never before , so many people died of landslide in Chittagong or elsewhere in Bangladesh.

The Chief Adviser on his visit to see the victims asserted that Government will take long term measures to prevent the landslide and death after serving immediate need of the victims.

It is now obvious that the tragedy occurred due to unlawful flattening of the hills by the people who cares little for the law, people and environment.

Water logging in the city was compounded by the poor drainage system of the city. The drains and canals are narrowed by illegal establishments, filled with mud and sands obstructing the flow of water and not dredged for long time. The City Corporation itself constructed establishments over the drains ignoring the permission of CDA.

As the searching of the death is over, Goverment is taking measures to prevet the further tragedy. One of the measures is to shift the people who are under risk to the safe area.

We suggest that a ‘Geophysical Analysis’ should be made by the experts compromising Geologists, Environtologist, City planners etc and the extent of the damage should be calculated. Experts may also suggest ways to prevent the further damage and recovery, if any, from the damage already done.

A strong enquiry team is to be formed to look into matter to find the offenders who defying the law cause erosion of the environment and are responsible for this tragedy.

Only punishment to the criminals whoever he may be will protect hills and the environment in future.

It is to be remembered that hills are important to maintain ecological balance. If we fail to protect them, larger disester is waiting for us.


Post script: 26 June, 2007

The Enquiry Committee headed by the Divisional Commissioner of Chittagong submitted its report on the tragedy of Chittagong where 33 causes were identified and 50 recommendations were given.

Though the different Government and Autonomous bodies were blamed for their failures and public accesses were identified but the central reasons which actually influenced the other factors is the role of the influencials directly or indirectly in flattening the hills. We are not sure what steps CG would able to take against them.The future protection of the hills and environment will mainly depend on it.


18 August 2008

Landslide again took its toll in Chittagong and so far 11 dead bodies were found under the mud and many more may be found. It is more than over a year that the repitation of the same episode happened. This indicates not only ignorance of the people who took shelter there but also the negligence on the part of the responsible authorities. The acting Mayor of Chittagong City Corporation has formed an inquiry committee to look into the incident but who will inquire them? Will government formed a high power committee to inquire into the negligence of the responsible authorities?


1. saptashikha chowdhury - December 1, 2007

i’m doing a thesis on this topic.as a’m a student of CUET,bangladesh.so i need some more information about the topic.my topic is water logging in bahaddarhat,chittagong.actually the study area is bahaddarhat including surrounding areas..can u please mail me about more deep information about this water logging problem in chittagong.hope u’ll help me.thanking u…

2. Saulat Kamran - January 4, 2010

The Ministry of communication, Road & Highways , all government Leaders & officials & News Medias.

Dear Sir,
I have gotten the news about newly planed of another four line Dhaka- Chittagong Expressway that was published in many newspapers and news Medias. I am very happy to listen it that it will construct by Malaysian company. Therefore, we can hope that Bangladesh road & highway is started becoming a modern like Malaysia. Here I want to propose an idea with some corrections for Dhaka- Chittagong expressway for propose to all and Bangladesh government to justify it will comfortable or not it will up to all of you. If my proposal is acceptable then it should forward.

My Proposal: Now we arrives in Chittagong within 6 to 7 seven hours by crossing 264 km distance, if we can build a short highway of 180 km approximately by minus 84 km distance from Dhaka to Chittagong according to this map marked and we can drive in 90 km speed per hour then we can reach within 2 hours in Chittagong from Dhaka. Straight & smooth road construction charge will less then zigzag type road construction charge. This Road must attract the people to grate opportunity for tourism and business as for local & foreign people. Especially costal belt area will start to become as a tourist zone when the road will beside sea beach like other seaside foreign countries. It wills also good chance for Asian highway.

Proposed Routes: Road should be from Dhaka to the south east with connecting Keraniganj Narayanganj Bondor- over shitlokkha & Meghna river after two bridge crossing we can direct arrive beside north of motlob then Hajiganj Shaharasti- Laksham- then Shenbagh- Dagonbhuiyan into the south of Shonagaji- then we can cross beside costal belt of into the last point of the river Feni south then (should construct new bridge over the river Feni south Falls point) this road will enter the south-west zone of Mirshorai Costal belt and then enter Chittagong city by crossing 180 km approximately. If sylhet can 4 hour journey from 10/12 hours journey then Chittagong why cannot become 2-hour journey by modifying the road? It is possible to reach CTG within 2-hours.

With Best Regards
Saulat Kamran
URL: http://www.southasianunion.net

3. Md.minhajur rahman - June 3, 2010

I’m a student of cuet. my thesis on” drinking water in coastal area”. i need details information about disaster in coastal area, problems and possible drinking water sources, would anybody please help..

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