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Campaign against corruption June 17, 2007

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Initially I was not that much enthusiastic about campaign against corruption. When ACC (Anti Corruption Commission) Chairman Lt General (Rt) Hasan Mashud Chowdhury voiced the need of campaign I was rather skeptical about need and success of the campaign. But he started his campaign and started to cover different districts and met different cross-section of people and exchanged views with them.

At one stage he was told that he should more concentrate on his office work than giving time in the field. But he continued the work though at a slower pace.


Recenly I have came across an article written by Dr. Kamal Hussain, our eminent lawyer in Daily ‘Prothom Alo’ on 16 June 2007 where he advocated for integration of common people in the ‘Campaign against Corruption’.

We know that corruption is widespread in our society. We are number one in corruption in the world for the last three years. Even with that assertion we didn’t astonished much.

But we were not prepared to hear the corruptions at the political high ups to such a magnitude that are disclosing now.


We are to blame the politicians who took the people’s mandate and took the oath by the constitution to uphold the interest of the country but exploited the privilege of the position and looted the country


These looters not only be barred from politics, they should also be given examplenary punishment for whom most people of our country are still under the poverty line.

People respect their leaders, not the criminals. People is behind the ‘Campaign against Corruption’.



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