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Hasina/Khaleda: let the law take its own course June 18, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, POLITICS.



It seems that CG is at odds with Hasina and Khaleda since its coming to power amid political unrest centering the election of 22nd January 2007.


From the analysis of the situation at that time, it seems clear that politics of the country will not be disciplined unless these two ladies are out of the scenario.


Government thought of sending these two ladies out of the country and when Lt General (Rt) Hasan Mashud  went to Pakistan, the impression was almost confirmed that Bangladesh was also going to follow  Pakistan’s way of dealing with the political leaders.

Accordingly Government was trying to send Khaleda Zia out of the country in many pretexts. But Khaleda, though at some points seems to be going out but, ultimately preferred to stay.


On the other hand, Hasina came back from USA denying Government intention and interventions.


In the political circle, ‘Minus two theory’ was discussed. The minus two theory advocates reform removing the two leaders from party and politics. It seems that Government is encouraging the reform of the parties in that direction.


In this backdrop, an attempt of forming a 3rd party was made since then. The  launching of Nagorik Shokti by Dr. Muhammad Yunus was also an attempt in that line though it didn’t sustained. An attempt is also continuing to form a platform under the leadership of Dr. Kamal Hussain. Now a third party is already formed with Ferdous Qureshi in its leading role.


In the  mean time, extortion cases have been framed against SK. Hasina. She denied the allegation. Government also prevents her from going out of the country to go to USA to attend the birth of her grand child. Khaleda was implicated in the bomb blast case of August in AL’s meeting. There is case against Hasina for the killing of people due to clashes of two opposing political groups  on 1st November 2006 immediately after the end of the past BNP regime.


Recently  Major General (Rt) Abdul Matin told that the top leaders of the two parties can not deny their reasonability  as the then Head of  the State of the corruptions of crores of Taka by their colleagues.


The Pakistani formula will not work in Bangladesh. People don’t like to see them to get extra privilege as party chiefs or ex-heads of the state. People also would not like the them to be unlawfully and unnecessarily harassed.


Let the law takes it own course. The other events will follow accordingly.   





1. Blogging with Desi Baba - June 19, 2007

Those two women ran a monrachy in Bangladesh and no a democracy. Their actions symbolize treason along with the heads of their parties, and they should be jailed for life. They should be treated fairly under the law, but they should also be punished like all other convicts and not given any priveldges.

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