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Party, people and election commission June 19, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, ELECTION.


Election commission has recently prepared a draft for reform of elections in Bangladesh. They have drafted rules for this purpose. The rules include mandatory registration of political parties, prerequisites for candidates for competing in the election, determination of leadership through election by  the party members, practice of democracy within the party in decision making, transparency of the accounts etc.

On their way to prepare the draft, they had discussions with intellectuals, lawyers, editors, journalists etc.

They could not exchanged views with the leaders of the political parties as the political parties were not interested to talk with the election commission before the embargo on the domestic politics is withdrawn. Though these politicians are constantly talking on different issues they prefer not to sit with the EC. 

A politician even expressed his dissatisfaction yesterday at why the election commissioners are  making comments on either this or that points in different forums and  to media etc.

But until the politicians sit with the Election Commission and make the draft for election reform final, it is open to discus, amend or any addition and subtraction,

Chief Election Commissioner also said that EC will not make the Draft final without consulting with the  political parties.

Once he also said that political parties are the clients of the Election Commission.

Lest not forget the people. It is ultimately for the people that the election is. It is for the people that we need so many rectification of the laws. It is for the people that we need to ensure the free and fair election.

No doubt, the rules are mainly for the political parties. The rules may be discussed with the political parties but should not be dictated by them.

The players of a game cannot dictate the rules of the game.





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