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Reform & leadership June 20, 2007


Leaders of different parties become active for reform in their own parties. Initially the idea of reform was confined to few persons of the party. Both BNP and AL passed through the same stage. Now the talk of reform is vibrant in both the parties. Even the chiefs of the parties are talking about the reform and putting forward their own ideas.

The insistence of CG for reform of the parties is ultimately working. All could understand that our politics will not run the way we had run it. Without democracy in the party, democracy in the country cannot be established. Our parties were virtually one person show. The decision of the chief was the final. There was no discussion and no transparency of the decisions in the party. In consequence, our Governments of the past also of dictatorial nature, the decision of the Government depending on one person. The elections at five year interval become an exercise to dodge the people in the name of democracy. The party in power exploited the privilege to deprive the people and to earn money in every possible way. The corruption become rampant. It is found that top brasses of the party and Government were mainly responsible for the corruption.

Now. when the reform has started, how is it possible to reform the party with the corrupt leaders within the party? They will try to dictate the terms in their own way.

Government is lacking behind in arresting the corrupts, framing charges against them, arranging trail and giving judgments.

We want ‘no corrupt people in the leadership’, ‘complete reform of the parties’ and ‘a generation of new leadership’.



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