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SSC Result: error at programming level? June 22, 2007

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The SSC result of 9 Education Boards was published simultaneously in the internet on 12th June, 2007. But later on it was found that due to mistakes 95 thousand students were placed in the higher grade and 50 students were wrongly given GPA 5.

It would be a shock to those students who later on came to the reality that they were placed in the higher group mistakenly.

Imagine the emotion of those students at that moment. Or imagine the state of mind of those students who found themselves in GPA 5 group whose happiness were shattered later on. And you see, none would feel secure once they heard the news of the mistake and could tally the result with the corrected one.

Many questions would come up. Why this happen? Who are responsible for this error? Was it a deliberate mistake? Was the result manipulated? Who are responsible for this? Has any one taken the responsibility? Has anyone resigned? Did Government institute any inquiry? Is it progressing? What is the finding of the enquiry? Who was found guilty ? What punishment s are going to be imposed? What steps Government is taking to prevent such occurrences in future?

The Government should make an enquiry to find out the underlying cause of the error and give necessary punishment to those involved or remove those officials whose inefficiency led to this mistake. The error also degrades the confidence over the computer result of our public examinations.

There is a probability that the programming for the compilation of the result was not perfect. But why the programming would be so poor with which the accuracy of the result, the integrity of the authority, confidence over the system and image of the Government are also involved. The progrmming should be made by the best experts and the security should be tested beyond doudt before it is utilised.

So Government should take necessary measures at all levels to prevent the recurrence of this sort of unacceptable mistakes in future.



1. Mohammed Shujath - November 25, 2007

Respected sir/Madam.
This is mohammed Shujath from hyderbad,I would to know the result of My wife her name is Afroze Afshan (Date of Birth) 11-04-1975,Appeard SSC in March 1990 or 1991 school name Modern High School at Khilwath Koka ki Tati, Hussani Alam Hyderbad plz forward the result as soon as possible.I am waiting for your favourable reply.I am very glad for you.
Thanking you
H.no 20-1-415,Khilwath Koka Teti
Hussani Alam hyderbad
Contact Number 9848199257

2. bdoza - November 26, 2007

Dear Shujath,

I am sorry to say that this site is about Bangladesh and the post is on the SSC result of Education Boards of Bangladesh of 2007.

You will have to contact the respective board of your country.

Anyway, thanks for your qaury.


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