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‘Reform of the parties should be from within’ June 23, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, POLITICS.

Immediate past US Ambassador Patricia A Butenis before her departure (18 June 2007) said “reform of the political parties should be from within. It shouldn’t be imposed from above”

It was looking few days back that the CG was trying to impose reform of the political parties. The Law Adviser was saying at times that they want to see changes in the political parties and they will encourage reform in the reform in the political parties.

Though people as a whole was awaiting for a change in the political parties, but the response was slow and feeble in the parties themselves. So the above assertion came from the US Ambassador.

But certainly a voice for reform was developing in the parties themselves which now taken a form. The voice is so resounding that people are becoming hopeful, party leaders are saying public in favour of reform.

But an interesting development is that the party top bosses are also talking about reforms and they are presenting their own formula. Their own people are also advocating for the proposals. Though the reform becomes inevitable because of the stand they have taken over the years and they have shaped and dictate the party over the years.

The proposals by the chiefs gave a new twist to the process of reform but people hope that a sound, democratic process and a prudent new leadership will be formed in Bangladesh by this process.



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