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Independent Election Commission-a step forward June 25, 2007


 The CG is taking steps to make the Election Commission autonomous and independent. Till now the Election Commissioners were constitutionally appointed by the President. But the secretariat of the EC was not independent. Virtually total machinery of the EC was under administrative control of the Government.

One main hindrance of the independent function of EC is that it was under the Prime Minister’s control. To make it more independent it was suggested to shift the EC under the President’s jurisdiction.

There was controversy as it needs constitutional amendment which may need the bill to pass through the parliament. But some lawyers opined in a meeting with the EC that the change can be made by the  ordinance of the President  under Caretaker Government.

So steps are taken in that direction

Independence of Judiciary is essential for making the election acceptable and transparent.

In countries where the democracy is well established, the independence of EC is playing continuous role in maintaining the democracy. Our country is also in need of independent EC from long before but it was not established by the political Governments for its own advantage.

The independence of EC must be supplemented by necessary administrative power to carry out the works during elections, independent financial basis to meet the expenses and necessary judicial power to settle any legal controversies.





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