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SSC Result: Internet access may create a revolutionary change in school education June 26, 2007

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SSC result reflecting disparity between the rich and poor, city and rural students, Government should find out ways to diminish the gap.

There may be many conventional suggestions such as

a) Improving the standard of the schools,

b) rotating the teachers among the schools at regular intervals,

c) closing the gap between private and public schools,

d) restricting the admission on regional basis,

e) supporting the rural schools in a better way,

f) supplying the necessary equipments to the rural schools,

g) arranging better training for the teachers,

h) improving the salary of the teachers,

i) better monitoring of the school activities,

j) improving the infrastructures of the schools,

k) rearranging the governing bodies of the schools

l) Decreasing the political interference on school activities etc.


But use of technology seems to me more important to me. Every School should be furnished with computers and internet should be established. So that pupils and the teachers can utilize it for teaching purposes.


The Government should take initiative to develop tutorials on the basis of curriculum on different subjects and distribute it to different schools. Internet can be used to develop web pages as a teaching tool and with facilities to download and print out the educational materials by all irrespective of the distance from the capital.


Right to learn is universal for all children. Opportunity to learn should be equal to all. The talents remain hidden in the poor. They should be nourished to bloom. From American President Abraham Lincon to Indian President Abdul Kalam, almost all genius born in a poor background. Who knows, the birth of such a genius may change the fate of our country one day.




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