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New developments for reforms of political parties in Bangladesh June 28, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, POLITICS.

Some interesting developments are surfacing in relation to reform of the political parties in Bangladesh.


One is declaration of draft proposals for reform of BNP by Mr. Mannan Bhuiyan, the General Secretary of BNP, to the Journalists.

The proposal includes some interesting points such as barring one from becoming Chairman of the party for more than two terms at a stretch, each term of 3 years. The rules will have anticipatory effect.

Mannan Bhuiyan also said that an Enquiry Committee will be formed to identify the the individuals who are responsible for the debacle of BNP and creation of the present situation in the country and appropriate measures will be taken against them  if found guilty.

In reaction, Khaleda Zia said any reform in the party will be taken through discussion in the Council Meeting.


On the other hand reform proposals are also under process in the AL. The proposals will be placed in the  council meeting for acceptance. Hasina also not reacted normally to the  developments and has placed alternate proposals including the 60 years age bar to be the president of the party or holding any executive posts . The party leaders are divided. It will be interesting to observe the future developments.


In Jatiya Party, Rowshan Ershad declared herself as the president of the party pushing aside Mr. Ershad  offering him to be the Chief Adviser of the party. Ershad didn’t like te idea. He also trying to organize the party leaders on his behalf.


LDP is also braking down. Mahi Chowdhury who was holding the post of organizing secretary of the party stepped down earlier. B Chowdhury dissolved the presidium. He  has Major Mannan, the party Secretary General on his side.


The reactions of the advisers are also interesting. Barrister Moinul Hussain and  Major General MA Matin said it is encouraging that the politicians are thinking of reform. The CG will even allow to arrange council meeting of the parties  if they like to arrange even  in the absence of  indoor politics.


Let us wait and see what is store for us in the future.





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