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Sripur Project: ended in success for a new beginning July 1, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, ELECTION.

 The pilot project of Sripur of Gazipur for registering the voters has been ended on 30th June 2007 on scheduled day declared.

The Sripur was selected for experimenting with the new ideas of the Election Commission of  making voter list with Photo and to prepare Voter ID card/National ID card.


The project was started on a rainy day and first few days of the project and  the  inaugural ceremony was interrupted by monsoon  rain.


The people gradually stared to take interest and the campaign took momentum in a few days. The data collectors went house to house to collect the particulars of the voters in the prescribed forms and then would-be voters came to the camps for the photograph. There the data were digitally compiled and voter ID Card  were prepared.

Initially there was hesitation and uncertainty but later on with the progress of the work , ultimately it came to the end.


The management also identified some weaknesses and one of them is the failure on the part of the data collectors  to complete the form correctly.


Still then the Chief Election Commissioner looked to be very confident and declared ‘they are now be able to tell what they will do when’. He is confident that EC will able to complete the voter list by 18 months. He said that he could now declare a roadmap for the  election by  16th of  July,  2007.


The ordinary citizen is pleased with the development.




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