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‘Budget for Agriculture and Budget for farmers’ July 2, 2007

Posted by bdoza in AGRICULTURE, BANGLADESH, Budget.

Mr. Shayeikh Siraj of Channel ‘I’ has presented some proposals on ‘Budget for Agriculture and Budget for farmers’ first to the Advisers of the CG and then to the Chief Adviser.

The proposals include the more allocation of budget to the Agricultural sector, allocation of more subsidy for the farmers, proper distribution of diesel and fertilizers to the farmers , proper distribution of improved seeds to the farmers, introduction of ID card for the farmers, to organize farmers Association for bargaining, to clarify the Govt stand on hybrid plants and fruits, for increasing vertical production in the Agricultural field etc.

The advisers appreciated the efforts made by Mr. Siraj to organize the farmers, to develop a communiqué with them and to prepare the proposals. The Finance Adviser told that he will try to accommodate the money related proposals in his next budget and the management related proposals will be implemented this financial year.

In his reaction to the proposals, Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed told that he was thinking on the ways how to improve the state of the farmers in Banglades, the proposals will help him a lot in that respect.

Bangladesh is an Agricultural Country and most of the people of our country are farmer by profession. Still our Agriculture remains primitive in nature and our farmers remain the poorest of the society. Our farming not improved with age. The successive Govt didin’t pay much heed to it.

Time has come to change our outlook and pay more attention to our Agriculture.

Thanks to Shayeik Siraj for the trouble he is taking to make us and our Government aware about the need of the Agricultural sector in our country.

People will remember him.


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