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Dr. Yunus wins again July 3, 2007

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dr-yunus.jpgDr Yunus has been chosen  as one of the best Social Entrepreneurs of the world of all times. This selection was made and published in the Business Week on the last 27th June 2007.

Business Week said that Dr. Yunus started his banking system by giving small loans to the village poor. Most of these loans are given to the women folk of the village. These women invest their money in different small agricultural and handicraft enterprises.

It continues that Grameen Bank which  was established by Dr. Yunus now has 2422  branches. From its inception it has given more than 600 crore dollars as loan to the poor. Loan holders are also the main shareholders of the Bank. Grameen Bank became profitable within 3 years of it’s stablishments.

Other great entrepreneurs who are in the list include  Bejamin Franklin(1706-1790), John D Rokfeller(1857-1945), Tomas Adison (1847-1901), Henry Ford (1863-1947), Azim Premji (1945), Oprah Winfrey(1954).

If, now retrospectively, we see how our leaders evaluated him, it will embarrass us, if not them. They tried to knock him out by malicious propaganda and false accusations because of the interest he had shown to come to politics.

He has not only withdrawn himself from politics but  also withdrawn himself from the media and society also.

He had shown his good gesture to change the face of our politics and the fate of our country but we cound’t accept that.

A few days back, he had his 68th birthday passed in a very simple way  in Dhaka.

Still then, he will be remembered as the first Nobel Laureate of Bangladesh and one the greatest  Social Enterpreneurs of all times. 

He will remain as a symbol of dedication, simplicity and greatness for the generations to come of our country and of the world. 



1. Bangladesh - July 3, 2007

Hmm .. nice setup here..

The thing is .. all this you said isnt as easy as it sounds. Folks out there are still struggling for such stuff and its really hard at times :). Anyway. nice blog.

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