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Autonomy of state-run TV and radio-Renewed thought July 5, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, Media.

Few days back a discussion meeting was held in the city with some intellectuals and media personalities participating.

.They have urged the Government for the autonomy of the state-run TV and radio.

Autonomy of the BTV and Radio is  a popular agenda of the political parties since 90’s. They repeatedly declared the institution of autonomy in their manifestoes. From 1990 to 2006, the elected Governments came but none fulfill their agenda to keep their commitment to the people. Now, it is the turn of the CG to implement the program as if  they had the same committment to the people (actually it is reflecting the expectations of the people including the intellectuals from the CG).

But before taking any decision in this respect, let us have a renewed thought of the  situation.

In the last decade, there has been tremendous progress in the field of media. In Bangladesh also there are now a dozen channels which are airing their programs 24 hour  a day. The people in the cities and a large part of the country have the privilege to see the satellite TV. They bother little about what is showing on in BTV.

But as the BTV has got the terrestrial advantage, its program can reach to the rural people.

Govt may feel comfort to have a channel in his own control, not necessarily to have a control over the media, which is obsolete now a days but  to propagate its own agenda and support its own development programs.

The people would not mind if equal opportunity is given to other channels to reach to the rural people. The rural people also be better informed and be better entertained.  

So,  not the  autonomy of the state run BTV but  the CG can consider to give terrestrial facilities to different channels in phases. That will settle on the one hand the people’s right to information on the other hand the need of the Govt to have  a channel to transmit its own programs of priority.




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