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‘No dialogue before reform’ July 5, 2007


As the process of reform is underway in almost every major parties, one of the Election Commissioners Mr. Shuhul Hussain said ‘there will be no dialogue before reform of the political parties’.

The statement did not not sound good to Mrs. Matiya Chowdhury, a leader of AL and few others. They are saying that EC should not interfere with the political process of the parties. EC is only  responsible for arranging elections. They should not encourage the reform process of the parties.

But there is nothing  wrong with the statement. 

Any political observer would tell you that no dialogue is possible if reform process is not complete. Who will represent whom and there will be no consensus about the contents of  the  recommendation before the reform is complete in the parties.


Then why this reaction from some quarters? I think the reaction would be from few. It is more to create issues and to make the EC controversial.

EC is not only for arranging elections as some thought and still are thinking. It is the body to look after total election process of the country. That’s why the reform of the election process and reform of the political parties become so important.

Election is not a game of the political parties only. It is not like that of football or cricket in the sense that parties will play and the people will clap. Election is a ‘game’ where the people are also active participants and equally important where fairness of the process and participation of people is more important than anything else.




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2. bdoza - July 7, 2007

The ordinary citizen does not laud the Election Commissiner’s statement. What he wants to mean is that it is the reality as no dialogue is possible before the ongoing reform is complete.

As you see, nobody is now interested to talk with the Election Commission. They (the political leaders) are busy talking endlessly among themselves.

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