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New developments for reforms of political parties in Bangladesh (2) July 6, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, POLITICS.

The political arena is resounding with the proposals for reforms in different political parties.

The reform proposals was submitted by Mr. Mannnan Bhuiyan first after consulting with different category of BNP leaders . BNP chairperson Khaleda didn’t deny it but stretagicaly said that she is not against any reform but every reform proposal will be discussed in the council meeting and be accepted. In a teleconference she said that  there is scope to oust Mr. mannan Bhuiyan if he works against the constitution. Mannan Bhuiyan and his supporters are confident that they are in the line of party constitution. The reform proposal will first be placed to the chairperson but if she refuse to holda council meeting , then they will convene it constitutionally by alternative means. In a second teleconference Khaleda Zia also said that there is no environment in the country to discuss any reform proposal with fear in mind  under emergency rule. On the other hand, associates of Mannan Bhuiyan are taking preparation for council meeting in the coming days.

In the AL, after Mr. Amu left for Singapore for health reason, the first proposal came from Mr. Abdur Razzak , member of the Presidium of AL. He proposed for lmited time limit for the president and the general secretary, joint leadership for the party etc. His proposal was opposed by Mrs. Matiya Chowdhury saying that ‘any proposd should first be discussed in the party forum’. Mr. Abu Sayeed of AL supported the ideas of Mr. Razzak saying that 6 points demand of Sk. Mujibur Rahman also placed initially outside the party forum. After Razzak, Mr Tofayel palced his proposal independently. He also added some points in government structure saying that the power of the prime minister and the president should be balanced. Again Mr. Zillur Rahman who recently came back from hospital, in frail health but in strong voice opposed the way of presentation of Mr. Tofayel. Lastly on 4th July, 2007 Mr. Suranjit Gupta presnted his proposals which include some suggessions for the reformation of the parliament and stressed for democratric practice within the party. Sajeda Chowdhury opposed again his way of presentation.

With proposals, parallel proposals and counter remarks going on , it is obvious that two streams of thinking are developed in both AL and BNP. Ultimately which stream will represent the main party , we have to wait for that.

It is also important how the Government handle the situation that will lead to a postive outcome.



1. Bangladesh - July 6, 2007

That was pretty neatly written. Its such a mess when relating to Bangladesh, isnt it ? Check out what I found out about Bangladesh Government Sites!

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