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Birth Registration-essential prerequisite for a modern state July 7, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, GOVERNANCE.

Birth Registration day has been observed on 3rd July, 2007 as usual. Birth Registration Act has also been rectified to give it impetus. But few of us have been informed of the message the day is meant for.

Compulsory birth registration is in effect from 3rd July 2007. Within next 2 years all the birth will have to be registered .The registration will be free upto 2 July, 2008.  Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives has the main responsibility of implementing the program. Birth Registration could be done from Union Parishad, City Corporations and Municipalities. International organizations including UNESCO, EU and different NGO are supporting the program.

Birth Registration is essential prerequisite for any modern state. Without birth registration, any data on the population will be incorrect and no planning based on population will be effective. Earlier Governments were trying birth registration for years but without much success. Though this CG is trying to give importance to the process and make the necessary amendment in the law, but it failed to create the momentum to make the program success.

What should be done ? The ordinary citizen think that the momentum should be created from the highest seat of the state. The total machinery of the Government should be involved . The media should shoulder the publicity to the maximum. The Union Parishad should made the working unit for registration for both cities and villages. The union parishad offices should be made focal points for registration. The chairman and the members of the union parishad should be made responsible for registration and accountable to the Government. A competition should have to be created among the units. Targets should be set. The better performer should be rewarded.. The data collected should be compiled digitally at the City Corporation/ Municipality/ District level and from these data a national database may be prepared.

This data will then serve multiple purpose of the state and for the individuals.



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