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‘Game of reform’: anybody and everybody is trying to play July 8, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, POLITICS.

The proposals for reform are endlessly coming. Proposals, revised proposals and counter proposals are going on. One is proposing, another is counter proposing; the same man is revising his own proposals.

Initial proposals were about party only. Then it extends to politics, now it encroaching into the method of Governance.

Initially there were hesitations, the players were few, and then some started showing interest. Now the players are two many. It will be difficult for someone to keep tract who is proposing what. 

Again for whom the reforms are all about, they are themselves coming with new proposals. Sometimes they seem to be more revolutionary than their counterparts.

Like the proposals, the locations are also varied. You will find them in the drawing room, in the garage, in the hospital, on the road and in the mazar. They are ready to make the proposals final. All are sure about their chances. Some are out their to prepare a mix up. All are waiting for the curtain of indoor politics open.

Are all sincere, are all in good mood ? Are all clean, are all free from corruption? Are there anybody to hide his skin? Or to save him from ongoing search?

Some will feel confused – is it only minus or minus minus or minus plus or plus plus or it is nothing!

People are mere spectators.

And the G is onlooker?  Someone declares that they have no role in this process.

 But reform is a process, not a game. Anybody and everybody should not be permitted to play. It should be dictated by rules. And law should dictate who should be there and who shouldn’t be.



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