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‘Minus two theory will not work in Bangladesh’ July 10, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, POLITICS.

‘Minus two theory will not work in Bangladesh’ Mrs. Motia Choudhury, member of the Presidium of AL was saying the other day.

She also cited the reference of Wall Street Journal, and added that ‘as it will cause the resurgence of Muslim terrorism’.

Many may differ with the assertion of the Wall Street Journal of  resurgence of Muslim Terrorism in the absence of two leaders.

Rather, the fact is that the Muslim Terrorism in Bangladesh virtually developed during the tenure of premiership of these two top leaders of AL and BNP.

The best safeguard against the resurgence would be the practice of true democracy, freedom of expression and good governance which were lacking during the past years.

We also differ with the ‘Minus Two Theory’; we also believe that it will not work in Bangladesh. That is for different reasons. 

Many would say that the two leaders should have resigned from their posts taking the responsibility of the events of before 1/11. 1/11 also demands the total reform of our political system.

For the events before 1/11 you cannot blame the two only. Probably there are more people who may be responsible for this.

For the reform of the political system, work is on from different angle. The CG from its inception is giving stress for reform of our system. Then the EC started drafting rules for reform of laws for election where they included steps for reform of the political parties. Then the political parties also started dialogue for reforming themselves.

But if reform means mere rearrangement, then it will serve no good to the people.

Our political system needs a total overhauling. The system should be freed from all corrupt people, corrupt of power, politics and money.



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