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NGOs are under watch in Bangladesh July 12, 2007

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Bangladesh Army Chief Lt Gen Moin U Ahmed when pondering on corruption in Bangladesh in a seminar on ‘Democratic Accountability and way to curb corruption’ in the city said ‘ NGOs are not free from corruption.They make beautiful papers, circulate them and then take care of themselves.’ He said that NGO need to be tightly regulated… they spend 40% of their budget on themselves rather than the organization and its beneficiaries (10 July 2007)

It is reported that the recent abduction of Mr. Shuman of Danida in Thanchi has also some connection to the corruption that was taking place in the different projects of the NGOs working there.

There were complains by the last BNP regime against Proshika for involving in political maneuvering in favour of AL. Proshika chief once arrested and put under trail.

Probably more than 20000 NGOs are working in Bangladesh. The NGOs are basically nonpolitical and non profitable organizations. In Bangladesh they are involved in various activities starting from poverty alleviation to arsenic mitigation.

Some of the NGOs have done tremendous job and even achieved international laurel such as Grameen Bank.

Again some of the NGOs are engaged in different business activities. Some of them also established private universities. There is allegation that these NGOs are exploiting their platform to get benefit from their business enterprises.

The total NGO activities are needed to be assessed and any anomaly found should be addressed properly.



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