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‘To end culture of corruption’ July 15, 2007


To end culture of corruption Lt Gen Moeen U Ahmed presented 7 points proposals in a workshop on ‘Curbing Corruption in South East Asia’ organized by the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) in the Capital on 11 July 2007.

His seven points proposals are:

1) having a parliamentary Ombudsman

2) Creation of a high moral ground against corruption

3) Ensuring exemplary punishment for all guilty of corruption

4) Establishment of an independent and neutral judiciary

5) Socially boycotting the corrupt people

6) Reorganization of and a pay increase for the police force

7) Continuing regular drives against corruption and its agents

We have little to differ with him regarding the ways to combat the corruption in our country. His proposals are most comprehensive since the starting of the present CG.

We hope that a parliamentary Ombudsman will be appointed after the election when a new parliament is formed to look after the excesses of the parliament. Creation of high moral ground is a continuous process, should be exemplified by all political and administrative leaders.

But what this Government can do by itself is to punish all the grossly corrupt persons of all spheres and to establish an independent and neutral Judiciary. The CG is working on both these agenda. They have already taken steps in this regard.

But many people would not impressed with his example of Pakistan to curb corruption from our country as corruption of power is at its extreme in Pakistan where the democratic rights of the people is denied for long.

We better look at India as he said where media is playing a very strong role against corruption and where the politicians and Prime Ministers are accountable to the Judiciary.

We can also eaxamine Japan where many lagislative measures are taken to rectify the political system of the country and free it from corruprion.



1. FreeStoring - December 11, 2007

good project 🙂
senks 🙂

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