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Arrest of Sk Hasina and after reactions (2) July 18, 2007

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Sk Hasina is in the sub jail for the second day. The Jail authority is trying to convince  that all the facilities have been arranged for her in the specially arranged sub jail- a specious room with a bath, books and papers, Jai namaj. A Tv and a Radio are also provided. Jail authority said that she is well, she is having her prayers and reading namaz.

Her one time personal secretary Muhmud Hasan said that she is  suffering from many diseases; she had three maids in her house and she needs regular physiotherapy. Jail authority said that she was seen by a female doctor and the doctor  instructed  her some exercises. Jail authority will soon provide her with a maid. Her meal has been served from the Central Jail Divisional Section. Jail Authority assures that all the facilities have been provided to SK.Hasina for a Divisional detainee.

It is still probably not enough for Sk. Hasina, an ex prime minister.

In the meantime Dr. Badrudoza Chowdhury, a former president of Bangladesh during last BNP regime said that there should be special arrangement if the ex-presidents and ex-prime ministers are arrested and detained.

An informal meeting of AL was held with Mr. Zillur Rahman as the Acting  Party President where a dozens of party  leaders and workers joined. Mrs. Matia Chowdhury was the only member of the presidium who was present in the meeting. AL now thinking to fight the issue legally first.

In the Media, both print and electronic, issue of the arrest was discussed incessantly. The editors, columnists, political leaders, intellectuals, lawyers, ex- judges  and diplomats all have their comments on the issue.

Some are absolute against the arrest saying that it is a blunder from the CG; it has no legal basis; Government has its own motive; reform cannot be imposed from above; Hasina can do no wrong; all the allegations against her are baseless; some also questioning the prudence of the Law Adviser etc.

Others are more guarded saying that Government wouldn’t arrest Sk Hasina without evidence; there must have evidence; if there is no evidence then it would be backfired, etc.

Some are questioning that why the Government is not arresting other leaders, leaders from other parties.

On the other side, the Law Adviser Barrister Moinul Hussain said that Hasina was arrested with definite proof. Her case will be conducted in the open court and all the legal procedures will be followed.

Hasina has near a dozen case on her head.

Among the other incidents, three cocktails were burst in DU campus and a procession was brought out in Mirpur which was dispersed by the Police and paramilitary forces. Reports of sporadic processions are also found from few areas of the country. Police also made some arrests.

The life in the Capital and the country is otherwise normal. The ordinary citizens are perusing their normal activities as usual. The index in capital market is also increased as predicted by the Finace adviser when he said that the arrest of Hasina will not affect the economy.



Photo: Courtesy: Prothom Alo, 18 June 2007. 


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