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Arrest of Hasina: after reactions (3) with few observations July 20, 2007


3rd day passed..

Khaleda Zia in a statement demanded the immediate release of Sk Hasina and regretted failure of the administration to protect her dignity while being taken to court. She also added that people do not want to see chaos and disorder again which led to the promulgation of unexpected state of emergency. Many welcome the gesture. Some view it as the beginning of a new phase in our politics. Others nullify this and see this just as a token of sympathy which should have been there from the beginning but was absent conspicuously in our politics. Some see it as a preparation of the ground to combat the situation that is coming to Khaleda herself.

Tofael and Razzak two leaders of pro-reform group met with Zillur Rahman, acting President of AL and expressed their determination to remain united in this period of crisis. Zillur Rahman expressed later that the no reform or council will be held until Sk Hasina is released. Now AL has one demand ‘ release of Hasina’. No senior leader was there by his side when he was stating this. We are not sure how the reformist in the party react to this.

Sporadic protests are reported in few parts of the country. The people from Tungipara, the home place of Sk hasina observed Milad and fasting for the release of Sk hasina No major mass reaction observed in the country so far.

Notices have been sent to Hasina and Khaleda to submit their wealth accounts from the Anti-Corruption Commission. Hasiina cliaimed in a letter that the notice is full of error; the allegation was refuted by the anticorruption office.

50 lawyers sat together in the supreme court premises to discuss the ways to deal the cases coming on Sk Hasina. Some layers commented that Emergency Rule will not be applicable for this case as the incident mentioned occured before the emergerncy rule is imposed. However they didn’t make any comment on otherer cases of different political leaders who are under trail and given judgements for corruptions. 8 lawyers have filed petition to see Hasina to discuss the case.


On the otherhand, Barrister Moinul Hussain said that the Govt will not influence the course of the law like that of the past governments. Whatever happen that will be dictated by the law and the court.

The General Secretary of Dhaka University Teachers Association in a meeting condemned the arrest of Sk Hasina and demanded the resignation of Law Adviser, Barrister Moinul Hussain. Earlier 65 teachers of Chittagong University protested the arrest of Sk Hasina. The present Government is against the involvement of the teachers in the politics and is promulgating laws to prohibit student and teacher politics in the country.

In the meantime , Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen Moeen U Ahmed said in a gathering that a nation can not survive with the liability of corruption on its shoulder.



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