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Class abstension: DU teachers creating a bad precedence July 21, 2007

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du-1.jpg DU Teachers Association in a meeting decided to wear black badges and abstain classes for half day in protest against the arrest of Sk Hasina and ‘harassment’ of Begum Khaleda Zia by the Government.

Only 223 members out of 4000 teachers were present in the meeting under the chairmanship of Dr. Sadrul Amin, who himself is saying that he does not agree with the program to abstain from the classes.

While the country is going through a political transformation, we the ordinary citizen expected a more prudent step from the teachers of the highest seat of education of the nation. If they feel concern, they could better demand for free and fair trail of the accused. That would have been more dignified for their post and position.

We also astonished to see the program of abstention by the teachers by sacrificing the academic hours where they themselves should be the model to the students to uphold the the discipline of the academic institution.


They should not be more biased to politics than to teaching. There are other people and other professional to look after the politics of our country.


This is the problem of education at university level in our country. The teachers are more politically motivated than committed to their teaching. Few of them have got involvement in original research. Many of them are politically selected and politically privileged thereafter. And they use different political events to express their gratitude. You will see nowhere in the world such bare expression of allegiance.


Who they will blame the for the killings of 28th October, 2006 and after ? Who they will blame for the events that lead to 1/11 ?


It would have been better if they plead for system, not for individuals whoever he/she may be. It would have been better if they express their opinion upholding the rights of others and maintaining the discipline and dignity of the university.


We hope that most of the teachers of DU will keep themselves dissociated from these political activists.


[Photo: courtesy: Bangladesh-web.com]




Post Script: 22 July, 2007


Very few teachers of Dhaka University wore black badges Saturday to express symbolic protest against the arrest of Awami League (AL) chief Sheikh Hasina and harassment to the top political leaders of the country.


(Financial Express)

23 July, 2007

DU teachers skip classes, with this head line, Daily Star added that No classes were held st the faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, but the teachers of business studies and science faculties and the Institute of Business Administration took a few scheduled classes.

( Daily Star, 23 July, 2007)



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