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Dr. Yunus in ‘Council of Elders’ July 21, 2007

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A new humanitarian alliance by the name ‘ Council of Elders’ was formed by the  global leaders on the 89th birthday of Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, South Africa  

The ‘Elders’ is dedicated to find new ways to foster peace and resolve global crises, to support next generation of leaders.

The E’lders’ include  along with Mandela, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Carter, Tutu, Koffi Annan, Ela Bhatt, a women’s right campaigner from India; former Norwegian Prime Minister Go Harlem Brudtland; Li Zhaoxing, a former Chinese envoy to the UN, who started his diplomatic carrier in Africa, Mandela’s wife Gracia Machei, a longtime campaigner for children’s right and  former Iris President Mary Robinson.


There are seven Nobel Laureattes in the group including Dr. Yunus.  



1. Gerard Farrelly - August 8, 2007

I first heard about the World Council of Elders while at Mass in Rathmines Church, Dublin last Sunday. In his homily the priest spoke at length about Professor Yunus and his work and the Grameen Bank. I would urge people to help the Grameen Foundation by making a donation no matter how small, it would make a big difference giving real hope to the lives of some of the world’s poorest and forgotten people, and there are millions…

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