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‘Intel’ is taking computers to Indian villages July 26, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, TECHNOLOGY.
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The INTEL launched a program to take the Computer to the remote villages in India Intel is educating the poor people of this region in computer. At present they are working at Rajestan.

They have a contract regarding this with the provincial Government. Under this contact they will develop wireless network system in the community centre. They will develop internet service in the remote area and help the local people to use the internet in their own language.

To support INTEL, the ICICI Bank, the biggest private bank of India has extended its hand. The bank is giving loan to the villagers in easy installments to buy computers.

INTEL has recently marketed its Classmate PC for the school children. They have decided to distribute this classmate PC to the villages of India.

Already they have invest about 100 core Rupee in this project and they have appointed 3000 computer instructor to teach the students.

We think that such a program is necessary to be launched in Bangladesh also. We may not get INTEL to support us in this respect. Some among us have to come forward to take the initiative to change the face of our villages and their children and to change the fate of our poor people.

In the mean time, the ordinary citizen noticed two developments. One, the introduction of Internet in the mobile phones in Bangladesh.The other, the institution of Computer Information Centers by Grameen Telecom in the rural areas.

We think that these two steps will facilitate use of computer and internet to the common people including the rural people.

But we need more comprehensive projects to reach to all the village people and their children and need special initiative from the private companies and public sector to achieve this.




1. Dani - July 27, 2007

Why India? Do they have purchasing power? probably they are thinking of the mass market that India has.. probably they need to come with some subsidy or credit scheme things.. have they do the same in China yet? they should… that’s my 2cent

2. Tolly_Girl - July 29, 2007

Rural areas, huh? Are these kids even getting a proper education? Computers are an important part of the future,sure, but I can’t believe that they have solved the bigger problems. Like malnutrition, illiteracy, abortion of female fetuses. Why are they giving these kids computers, when the money could go towards more urgent causes?

3. Kaz Hawk - September 1, 2007

Urgent causes?! Every sector has a unique responsibility towards the industry they are in. I think this is a bold initiative by Intel to support the developing countries in accessing The ‘Triple-W’ world and this sure will cause the bubble to burst by 2012. In the one year of operation it has done quite well. Now shifting into India and China where their learning capacity is quicker…it will be a success. Telemedicine is a contribution towards the health sector. As far as technology development and penetration is considered this is an excellent initiative. Bangladesh is another country where such a program can be an immense success. While there are other agencies who have to deal with the health and nutrition issues…as far as the technological powerhouses are concerned…Intel is one company that is implementing their vision of adding the next billion users to a computer. Education is now becoming digital. It will change by 2012. This will be an essential toolkit.

4. ph0enixwr1ght - September 3, 2007

aw …
that sounds like a really generous program 😀

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