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ACC, verdicts on graft cases and future challenges July 28, 2007

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images1.jpgSpecial Tribunals have given verdicts on some graft cases put up by ACC (Anti-Corruption Commission) against the ministers, bureaucrats and others.

In these verdicts, Barrister Aminul Hoque, Ex BNP Minister along with other associates has given 31 years 6 months jail for patronizing militancy.

Mr. Ruhul Quddus Talukdar Dulu, Ex state Minister of BNP along with others has given jail for 8 years for looting and ransacking the houses, shops and bazaars.

Mr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir, a powerful bureaucrat who later turned to be the state Minister in AL regime has been given imprisonment for 3 years for concealing assets in his wealth statement and 10 years for amassing wealth disproportionate to his known source of income. The Judge examined the testimony of 37 prosecution witnesses, 7 defense witnesses and the records on 3 charges. 3 eminent citizens-Mr. Akbar Ali Khan, ex Secretary and ex-Adviser of the past Care Taker Government, Mr. Barakat, an Economist of Bangladesh and a DU teacher and an Economist from USA had given their testimony in favour of Mr. Alamgir. Mr Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir is also very much known to the public for his alleged involvement in anti Govt activites when he was the cabinet secretary before the fall of first BNP regime of Khaleda.

Earlier, the court jailed former State Ministers Mr. Mir Mohammad Nasiruddin and Mr. Amanullah Aman for 3 years for concealing assets and 10 years for amassing wealth beyond their known source of income. They are also fined and their properties and assets disproportionate to their known source of income were confiscated.

Barrister Aminul Hoque was tried in abstentia and he had no lawyer to plead for him and he will not get the opportunity to appeal in the higher court if he does not surrender by this time.

Lawyers of the other accused were not satisfied with the verdicts and had expressed their willingness to fight in the high court against these judgments.

With these verdicts a chill will pass through the spines of the other accused and also not yet arrested but corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and others.

But the questions are:

1) will the Government able to withstand the challenges in the high court because of appeal by the accused?

2) will the party activists try to throw a political challenge to the Government by creating a law and order situation in the country?

(an ordinary citizen)


1. halfpatriot - August 2, 2007

Party activists which include the lawyers, intellectuals are speaking in such a way that Sk Hasina could do no corruption. If that is the truth, then Bangladesh would have been heaven long before.

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