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International Math Olympiad: Bangladesh is advancing July 31, 2007

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48th International Math Olympiad  held recently in Vietnam. This Olympiad started in 1959 in Romania. Bangladesh along with about 100 countries participated in this Olympiad of 2007. Bangladesh is participating for the 3rd time in the Olympiad..

Students of  high schools below the age of 20 years are allowed to participate in the  competition.

Mathematical problems from number theory, geometry, algebra and combinotorics are given in the form of 6 questions. Each question carries 7 marks. Total no 42. Solving the questions require exceptional mathematical ability and ingenuinity

Russia stood first this year beating 5 times champion China. Vietnam stood third.

Bangladesh did better than the past years. 3 of our competitors got honorable mention which is below the medals.


We believe that Bangladesh as a country has got the mathematical ingenuinity. Once Math was exercised in our schools with much enthusiasm. Those of old generation would still remember the ‘Jadab Mathematics’. Due to lack of proper curriculum, exam system and support our students are lagging behind in Math. It is now neither a fun nor an intellectual exercise in our schools. Rather it becomes a subject of fear and of memorizing rather than exercising.


Only very recently, some genius of our academic circle like Dr. Mohammad Kaikobad of BUET and Dr. Jafar Iqbal of  SUST took the initiative of popularizing the Math among our school children. They started arranging math olympiud at different district level to national level to make the math fun for the students and to select the best tudents for the International Olympiad.


The progress of Bangladesh in the International Math Olympiad is largely owe to the effort of these dedecated persons.


But Bangladesh needs to go further and Bangladesh has the potentiality to go.  

(an ordinary citizen)

Photo: Logo of International Math Olumpiad



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