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Leadership crisis: local governments elction will help to overcome August 1, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, ELECTION, GOVERNANCE, local government.


A crisis of leadership seems to be inevitable in the coming days in the country at the national and subnational level with the charges of corruption , arrests of the leaders and verdicts against the accused.

Few intellectuals are advocating for a softer approach on corruption so that the society does not totally deprived of the leaders.

Leadership is a dynamic process. The dynamism should be nourished. In our country the process was stagnant . The same faces of leaders were stayig for years together. There were little opportunities for the freshers to supply new blood to the system as people had little choice to change the leadership.

The CG has decided to hold election of the local bodies first before the national election. We appreciate the idea.

We believe that the election of the local bodies under the CG will be neutral, more transparent and less political.

CG has formed a 7 members committee to formulate the ways to strengthen the local Governments. Many experts and forums are also giving their recommendation on this aspect.

The earlier political Governments didn’t strengthen the local Governments for their own political and personal reasons.

We hope that on the recommendation of the committee and on the opinion of the public as well the experts the Government will rectify the local Government systems to make it more effective administratively and financially.



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