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Rangs building:’symbol of abuse of power’ demolished August 3, 2007


ranks.jpgRangs building is being demolished. Law Adviser termed the building as the symbol of abuse of power. Government won on appeal petition in the judgment of the Supreme Court where the building from the 7thfloor upto 22 nd floor (upper 16 floor) has been declared illegal.

Rajuk started to demolish the building from today. It will take 3-4 months for complete demolition of the building.

Governments were in fight with the Rangs owner from early nineties Despite the opposition of the Rajuk and Civil Aviation Ministry Rangs raised the building to 22 nd floor. Rajuk termed it illegal. But with an order from High court in 2000, it remain intact .Govt made appeal in the supreme count against the judgment. Now the judgment goes in favour of the Government.

Government will also acquire the land of the Rangs building and the area behind the bulding.

Government needs the land according to the master plan to develop a road to interconnect two highways to lessen the traffic in the capital.

Rangs Building is the monument of illegality.This is an example how the influential of Bangladesh ignore the rules of the land and ignore the orders of the governmental authorities. It shows how they influence the laws and ignore the courts. No political governments so far could do anything in this regard and the owners were so confident that they invested about 700 crore taka in constructing this. This confidence came from the political linkage they have developed over the years with the political parties and our legal system.

By demolishing the Building and acquiring the land and then preparing the planned road, not only the traffic will be eased up but it will also increase the confidence of the public on the Government and Government intension to do good for the country without fear or favour to anybody.



1. anonymous - September 30, 2007

you need to put the symbol of abuse on here!

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