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Respose to the raging flood (2): In support of flood victims August 8, 2007

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Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed in a nationally broadcast televised address on 5th August 2007 has urged all irrespective of party and politics to come forward for relief and rehebilataion the flood hit victims. He stresses on the coordinated effort at district and upazilla level to make it most effective. He hoped that people will overcome this disaster by their resilence and strong confidence.

The flood hit areas have been distributed among the Advisers for better monitoring. So far, Mr. Moinul Hussain, Law Adviser, Mr. MA Matin, Communication Adviser, Mrs. Giti Ara Shafia Ch, Indusry Adviser, Mr. Ayub Quadri, Education Adviser went to their respective areas and personally supervise the donation activities.

Flood and Disaster Management Adviser Mr. Tapan Chy said that Govt sanctioned 11 crore from the Chief Adviser’s relief and welfare fund to the 15 worst affeted districts.

Various Government and private institutions, organisations and individuals have donated a total of arround 11 crore directly to the CA’s Relief and Welfare fund for the flood victims.

A Flood monitoring and Coordination Cell is also established at the CA’s office.

Though different political leadears including Chairperson of BNP Khaleda Zia and Acting President of AL urged party workers to participate in the relief work, thier presence is not marked yet.

On the other hand, different banks (Brac bank, Islami bank) finanacial institutions (FBCCI), organisations (ICDDRB), individuals (Mr, Jahid Hasan, TV Actor) and many others are directly participating in the relief work.

We are sure all these efforts from the public and private sector is not enough and timely, still the ordinary citizens laud the endevours of all who are supporting the flood hit victims to overcome the difficulties.

( an ordinary citizen)

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