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Private universities, irregularities and UGC August 10, 2007

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Ministry of  Education of Bangladesh on recommendation of UGC(University Grant Commission) is taking some steps to rectify the irregularities in the field of Private University education. They have already stopped 56 local centers of Foreign Universities and have taken decision to stop the 100 outer campuses of the universities.

With the promulgation of the Private University Act in 1992, private universities started to grow like kindergartens in our country. The organizers have taken the advantage of the loopholes of regulations in the Act. Though the Act was revised in 1998, but with no significant change. The growth of private universities blooms during both of the BNP regimes due to slackness of the regulatory bodies. They may also be  credited for giving private universities a commercial entity.

Many industrialists as an individual or as a group started the private universities. They became chairman or members of the Board of Directors in the style of the companies or became members of the Syndicate to dictate the rules and regulations of the university. Earning profit became more important than imparting knowledge to this group of investors. Private universities grew in our country like that of Industry to earn money.

Despite many complaints and evidence of irregularities, the past political governments particularly the last BNP Government could not take any major steps due to political compromise and underhand negotiations.


The present Caretaker Government has given its attention to the private university after coming to the power. It is heard that private university act is under review.

We hope that the CG will         

a) rectify and upgrade the private university act

b) strengthen the UGC to have complete hold on the universities including the private universities

c) will make the Accounts of the private transparent and

d)let the private universities grow as  academic  institutions, not as a private enterprise.



Post script:
Illegal private universities bid to attract admission seekers despite ban [DS]
APUB against Private University ordinance [DS]
3 private universities submitted rejoinder [DS]


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