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Aftermath of flood: dangerous look of diarrhoea August 12, 2007

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The flood water is receeding from the outer districts of Bangladesh and Dhaka. But the diarrhea is taking a dangerous look.

Hundreds and thousands of people are being affected by diarrhea. So far 30000 people affected. Many are enrolling every minute. On an average 4- 6 patients are admitted in ICDDRB. Other hospital and health centers are also recieving patients and treating diarrhea. But people have special confidence on ICDDRB. ICDDRB not only make its reputation for research in Bangladesh, it is extending extensive medical service for the diarrhea and related patients. To overcome the rush of the patients they had to set extra pandel in the compound outside the main hospital building. Most the patients are women and children. Diarrhea is in the epidemic form. Government has set up special diarrhea centres in the different public hospitals in the districts and subdistrict level.

In our TV channels and print media we are mostly seeing the pictures of urban hospitals but definitely thousands of people in flood affected areas are also being affected by diarrhea. They need treatment and they need support.

Why diarrhea is so rampant this time? People are becoming sick not only drinking flood water, they are also becoming sick by drinking supplied water of WASA. Likely explanation is that the supplied water is also contaminated by the sewerage which is not acceptable. The flood water is also remaining stagnant in the low lying areas of city and outer city for lack of proper drainage system.

As the flood was more widespread and lacs of people have been displaced, not all the people could be covered by food, shelter, safe water and medicine. The participation of the different organizations social and political including political parties was also sparse and late. So many people may be affected by the diarrhea and other diseases. Though ICDDRB is claiming that so far there is no death, but we are not sure about the total picture of the country.

It is clear that though flood is there and flood is causing heath havoc in our country, still we are not perfect in combating the aftermath. We are magnifying the diarrhea and then trying to treat it.

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(an ordinary citizen)


1. Mohi - August 14, 2007

While flood may no be totally alleviated, the losses & the damage can significantly be minimized. However, as the flood is receding now, the health hazards are amplifying. Year in & year out, we have flood in our country, but every time we hear the same story of epidemic & escalation of water-born diseases. There have to be permanant & effective solutions to address the health hazards in the aftermath of floods. In this context, self-awareness could be an important part of the solutions as these preventable water-born diseases often turn into epidemic due to a lack of awareness among the flood-affected people. Further, when the monsoon season arrives, people of the floodplains should be armed with the necessary precautions, like anti-bacterial & anti-diarrheal tablets. Then, during the flooding, along with relief materials, affected people can be provided with safe drinkable water. Safe & clean water scarcity leads many to use contaminated flood water -that should be seriously discouraged. People should be taught how to collect & store the rain water during the monsoon season.

In fact, the solutions are at grassroot levels, not at the lengthy deliberations held at the secretariat with the thick-headed bureaucrats. Really, we’ve heard of ‘grand plans’ so mant times to minimize the flood related losses & to combat the diseases in the aftermath of flood, but still: Why so much loss & why so many have to suffer? Let’s get down to reality. Long hours of bureacrratic deliberations are a waste of tax-payers money.

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