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‘Supreme Court will play role in national crisis’ August 13, 2007

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Chief Justice said that SC played a role in the past as at the critical juncture of the nation. It is doing so at present and will do so in future to pull the nation out of mire”. He was commenting in a seminar on ‘Reform and Freedom of Judiciary’ organized by ‘Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh’


Our nation is passing through a difficult period. Our experiment with democracy has tumbled on itself. Our beloved leaders could not hold election by themselves. Many of them are under arrest and some of them are already given charge sheet. Many of them are again challenging the verdict of the special tribunal in the High Court. That is again counter appealed.

The fate of the country will ultimately is going to depend on the judgments of the High Ccourt and ultimately Supreme court.

Many are questioning the procedures, many are questioning the merit of the accusations and many are questioning the prudence of the judgments. In this crisscross of opinions ultimately the issues will be referred to the Supreme Court.

Will supreme Court be able to play the role? It is a matter not only of chief Justice, it is a collective matter. Where our recruitment system of Judges is not perfect how can we be so sure? Is there any one who may remain obliged to his recruiting boss?

Most important of all, is the Judiciary going to be separated to be independent enough to give judgments on critical issues without fear or faour?



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