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Post graduate medical education: producing half specialists! August 15, 2007


‘Irregularities in  post graduate medical education, producing half specialists’ this  was the alarming headline of a report published in the leading daily ‘Prothom Alo’ on 14th August, 2007.

The report said that in 2002, the past BNP goverment immediately after coming to power started the post graduate courses (MD/MS) in all subjects in Govt medical colleges without adequate preparation. Departmets of Medical colleges without adequate experts were given the permission to conduct the course. It also said that the selection and examination was mot transparent and party affiliates were given the preference in selection in these courses.

This report exposed an inner gross ulcer  of  post graduate education system in our country.

The report needs urgent attention of the Government.

 a) An inquiry committee should be formed to probe the matter and to identify the political and personal motives of the initiators.

b) The inquiry must also find out the irregularities in selection and other examination of the courses.

c) to make the course clean and effective , a central examination system for admission as well as part and final examination like that of MBBS/FCPS (the other post graduate medical system in our country which is more transparent)  should be introduced.

The ordinary citizen is feeling worried thinking of the risk of his own health and of his fellow citizens and their children if they have to be treated  by these half specialists.



1. Bill Bartmann - September 3, 2009

Cool site, love the info.

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