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After the flood: Challenges of rehabilitation August 16, 2007


Bangladesh has experienced one of the most devastating floods in its history. Two third of Bangladesh was inundated in flood, with lacs of people displaced , houses demolishes, thousands hectors of crops damaged, cattle lost, schools and businesses damaged.

Complete rehabilitation of these people will be a challenge for the Government and the efficiency will also be judged how effectively the Government could able to mange the situation.

In relation to rehabilitation, the Government may need to do the following:

1) to shift the displaced people to their ‘homes’

2) to rebuild the houses that were demolished and damaged by the flood

3) to continue the distribution of food to the affected area either free or at low cost

4) to support the people to restart their works/businesses/professions

5) to supply the farmers with seeds and fertilizers etc

6) to render loans for the affected farmers and other people on easy conditions

7) to rebuilt the institutions and factories

8) to rebuild the roads, culverts and bridges

9) to create opportunities for job, etc

Government should also guard itself from any corruption of the relief materials or donations made within the country or from abroad.

Government should also make the best use of the donations so far received.



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