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Dhaka University violence: what does it indicate? August 21, 2007

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Violent clashes erupted yesterday and which is continuing today in the Dhaka University Campus between the Law Enforcing Agencies and the students.


The clash started on a triffle matter on the sideline of a football match in the university field between few students and army personals who had a camp in the nearby Gymnesium.


It is reported that the Army abused and beat the students; in protest the students brought out processions; police intervened, more students pure in; they threw bricks and stones to the police; police fired teargases and baton charged the students. The campus ttrnasformed into a battle field. Police later raided into the residential halls and beat the students. More than 100 students, many policemen and few teachers were injured in the clash. Many were admitted in the nearby Dhaka Medical College Hospital.


Assurance from the Army to withdraw the camp from the campus and to punish the accused did not cool down the sentiment of the students. They demand the withdrawal of the army from the campus and public apology by the offenders.

In support of the DU students and against the repression by the law enforcing agencies,today students organized meetings, carried out processions abandon classes in other universities in addition to Dhaka University. Students also call indefinite strike in DU and Authority of DU has postponed different exam for a week.

The incidence of DU is not an accident as was explained by the Major Gen Jamali to the Journalists in the Dhaka Medical College yesterday.

Why the Army need a camp in the DU campus while the situation there is otherwise normal?

Is the conflict is a consequence of the expression of attitude of the Army to the common people or/and the attitude of the students, most vocal and dynamic component of public, towards the Army?

Is the camp a sign of increasing presence of Army in the public life?

Is the conflict a sign of development of gradual distance between the Army and the people?

Is the conflict a sign of increasing confusion regarding Army’s role in our politics?

There is no doubt that the conflict indicates gradual decay in the confidence initially people had on the Army and their role in our politics and civil governance.


Post script: 11-30 pm BDT

Students and public engaged in violent clashes with the police in and around the streets of DU and sporadically in other parts of the city. Dozens of vehicles were damaged including an Army vehicle.

The Council of Advisers where the Chief of Army Staff and the VC of DU were present took decision to withdraw the Army Camp from the campus.

A judicial enquiry committee is also formed to look into the violence.

The Army already initiated an enquiry to find out the persons at fault.

DU teachers in a meeting suppoted the demands of the students.

The decision to withdraw the Army camp from the University Campus is a rational decision. But how this late prudence could pacify the situation –we have to see.


Photo: courtesy- Daily Star


1. A simple Student of Bangladesh - March 8, 2010

I think there are a lot of positive things happening among the students in our country!try to post those things in the blog!this will surely help the newer generation to think positively rather than think worse of the present situation!

2. bdoza - March 9, 2010

The incident in the DU during the caretaker governmnet in 2007 is not a negative potrayal of the university. It is a milestone in the history of democracy in Bangladesh.

The blog is a personal journal and the posts related to the incident are mere observations of the period.

The emotions expressed may not satisfy all but the recordings made as a part of history of our comtemporary time.

Any encouraging commemt or statement regarding the university will be well-accepted But the reality sometimes frustrates us.

3. md maksudur rahman - August 16, 2010

i accept u bdoza bro….i appreciate u for this kind of things…..basicly i keen to know various things about this clash…how many days they made curfew and whats the final result……

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