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Dhaka University violence(3): coming out of the curfew August 23, 2007

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The Curfew imposed in Dhaka and other 6 divisional towns is entering into the 3rd day.

2nd day began in a relaxed state. People started to move to their offices and businesses. Many vehicles were found running on the streets. But the police and law enforcers became active in the mid morning and started announcing that offices and businesses are closed and asked the public to return to their houses.

Curfew was relaxed for three hours from 4 to 7 in the evening. People rushed out of their houses in the streets and into the markets to buy foods and other essentials and to cover other assignments. They returned their houses with the same speed.

Though intercity buses, trains and launches were moving, people faced difficulty to reach the stations for lack of vehicles on the streets.

The leftover students of the different university halls today went out of their temporary shelters and started for their homes.

No major incident in the capital or other areas were reported, though it is heard that law enforcers had pushed out the students from Aziz market and Shahbag area , wehich are close to Dhaka University campus.

Media seems to be restricted in their expression- they are avoiding any negative news casting or discussion which may not taken easily by the Government.

7 eminent citizens including past Adviser Sultana Kamal and Dr, Jafar Iqbal urged all to avoid violence and to come to the good sense.

But an imporatnt news is the arrest of Professor Anwar Hussain, General Secretary of Dhaka University Teachers Association and Professor Harunur Rashid of the same University as displayed in the online newspaper. The arrests were probably made for their alleged instigation of the student violence and for raising demand for withdrawal of Emergency Rule.

With restrictiin of the chaos and violence by the imposition of Curfew and vacating the universities, Government now should think of gradually lifting the curfew in the capital and other cities.

Lengthening the curfew will distress the people and poor people will be deprived of their day to day earning; price of the essentials will be raised; business will be affected and production will be lessen.

Moreover, a distrust between the public and the Government will be developed.

So, the Government should try to come out of Curfew as soon as possible and find out ways to contain the sporadic violence , if any, by other means.

Most important is to regain the confidence of the people which is shaken for some reasons that the Government should identify.

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