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Dhaka University violence (4): creating anarchy is not the answer August 25, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, Dhaka University, EDUCATION, GOVERNANCE, POLITICS, University.

The chaos that followed the clash in the Dhaka University on the 22nd August, 2007 ultimately invited the declaration of curfew by the Government.

Many would feel sympathy with the students when they were reacting to the abuse and assault they had to suffer. Many would consider it excess when the police raided then hall and beat the students.

But many would not accept the chaos that followed on the second day on the streets and in the city where hundred of vehicles were damaged, dozens were torched, transport of he law enforcers was also damaged when the prime demand of the students was to withdrew the army camp from the campus has been accepted, the authority was apologetic for the incident and a judicial committee has been formed with a retired Judge.

The 5 point demand with incorporation of withdrawal of emergency rule was not an unanimous decision of the students. It was twisted for ulterior motive for political gains. It is alleged that few Dhaka University teachers were involved for molding the demands. It was hunched by the political observers that the incident of DU may be exploited by the political leaders to create a momentum to transform it into a strong political movement.

It is alleged by the law adviser that some non-students have been paid to create anarchy. The chief adviser himself in his live address over TV to the nation said that some opportunists have tried to create anarchy..

Chaos and anarchy can bring no democracy. Democracy needs dynamic and disciplined movement.

There was an opportunity to create a momentum for better rights of the people but it was lost in the thick forest of anarchy.

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